The Best of The Rest: 5 free agents WWE should try to sign ASAP

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J. Carpenter
Modified 29 Apr 2018
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Professional wrestling is a booming industry these days. However, unlike the glory days of the famed territory era, there are not many options if you want to compete at the highest level. Once WCW was bought-out, competition came to a dead halt.

Sure, TNA had a period of time where they were producing a watch-worthy product. But those guys could not stand the test of time and in the end, they never offered much legitimate competition to the "E."

Aside from that, we have the stars of New Japan Pro Wrestling and yes, that is a promotion where you are guaranteed top-notch performances on a consistent basis. But, even as great as NJPW, it is still not the big-money player that WWE is.

With this said, it's obvious that most of the very best stars in the world are under a WWE contract and are either actively working on one of the main rosters, or they are in NXT.

There's still an abundance of talent out there that WWE officials should pay a little extra attention to. In this column, we will take a look at 5 of the very best non-WWE wrestlers in the world today that WWE should make an attempt to sign. We would like to invite you to look through this list and see how many of these stars you are familiar with.

#5 Jay and Mark Briscoe (The Briscoes)


It was nearly a decade ago that Mark and Jay Briscoe participated in a tryout which was held during a Smackdown/ECW taping in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Roughly a month later, The Briscoes were called to come back down to Tampa, to participate in a follow-up tryout at the then WWE developmental promotion FCW.

Mark and Jay have stated that they felt confident that they did everything they could to win-over the talent scouts. However, they were informed by John Laurinaitis that while they were indeed talented, they were simply "not cosmetically pleasing enough for WWE programming."

Since being turned down by WWE officials in 2009, Mark and Jay Briscoe have gone on to have legendary careers with ROH, both individually as singles competitors, as well as collectively as a tag team. There have been a number of world titles and tag titles won by The Briscoes and to this day, they continue to dominate the scene as the current ROH Tag Team Champions.

It's obvious that these guys have something to offer the WWE Universe. It's time for WWE officials to take a look back at the reasoning behind The Briscoes not being offered a contract and possibly reconsider while Mark and Jay are still competing at such a high level.

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Published 29 Apr 2018
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