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The biggest winners and losers from last night's Raw (August 27)

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Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns Hell in a Cell
Poor Braun.

SummerSlam went fully into the rearview mirror as WWE focused its attention on building to Hell in a Cell next month. A new match was made for the show, we saw a prominent figure "quitting," and a heel turn that, while well-executed, left many a question mark.

Notably, there were still no debuts from NXT post-SummerSlam.

With the dust settling as fall closes in, who gained momentum and who lost it?

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Loser: Braun Strowman

Last year, Braun Strowman's feud with Roman Reigns was magic. It was the best either of them were in their WWE careers. A Hell in a Cell match would seem the natural evolution of that feud, but a year later, they're both different people.

Braun Strowman agreed beforehand to the match via his Money in the Bank contract. This only leads to one outcome - Braun Strowman losing. There's no way Roman Reigns' title run is going to get cut so short after he finally defeated Brock Lesnar for the strap.

In other words, Braun Strowman, despite his popularity, is about to get Damien Sandowed or Baron Corbined.

We all but got final confirmation of this when Braun Strowman turned heel later in the night by joining forces with Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler.


While it's going to be hot for the next month, this is ultimately going to waste an angle a lot of fans were chattering about - how Braun Strowman would be able to get by the Shield and cash in his contract. What could have been a talking point for months is instead now going to dissipate. Raw can't be better off that way.

With Braun Strowman out of the way, Roman Reigns' biggest threat will also be dispatched too easily, leaving his reign somewhat in limbo.

It would have been far better for WWE to hold off on this for a while. It had a potential Royal Rumble or WrestleMania program written all over it, but now we have no idea where it will go.

And the way it went down definitely left one feeling cynical.

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