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The biggest winners and losers from last night's Raw (August 6)

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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 17:07 IST

Ronda Rousey Raw debut
Raw got rowdy...but by how much?

Though Raw was supposed to feel like a big deal with Ronda Rousey making her in-ring debut, for the most part, it just...didn't. While there were few actively bad things about it, it felt like it was just there. Not much happened in the way of advancing most of the angles leading into SummerSlam, and the show mostly just fell flat across its three hours, with one very notable exception.

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With all that said, was there anyone who benefited from last night's broadcast?

Winner: Roman Reigns

Well, it's working, at least for now.

The crowd last night was mostly positive for Roman Reigns. The people clearly want to see Brock Lesnar lose the Universal Championship and have for a long time, so on that front, Vince McMahon is getting what he wants. Throughout his match with Baron Corbin, the crowd was on Roman Reigns' side as well.

The looming question is whether this can be sustained? We must take a look back on the road to WrestleMania and recall that Roman Reigns got some cheers on the way there, only for the main event to sink like a stone in New Orleans. With the SummerSlam rematch set to take place in Brooklyn, one has to imagine that history will repeat itself.

But for now, Roman Reigns is getting cheers. Maybe if he actually wins decisively at SummerSlam, he'll get cheered in more places aside from an infamous few locales, such as New York, Philadelphia, Toronto, and Chicago. Perhaps.

Unfortunately, the angle that management was somehow against him also continued last night, and the company would be well-advised to drop it, because everyone knows it isn't true. People aren't cheering Roman Reigns because of that. They're cheering him because Brock Lesnar is being a great heel.

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Published 07 Aug 2018, 17:10 IST
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