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The biggest winners and losers from last night's Raw (September 3)

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Braun Strowman Raw September 3
Something happened and something didn't.

Last night's Raw had major events, but it was also a confusing, overbooked mess. One angle is hot, but the rest of the show lagged and felt very much like it was there just to be there. For example - did the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels segment actually do anything for the programming in the long term? Of course not. It was simply a rehash of their 2012 story arc to hype what will essentially be a glorified house show.

The shine was taken off the current roster for much of the night, and it was another indictment of WWE's creative process.

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Still, there were some developments that mattered, including a major and necessary title change. There were some developments elsewhere in the tag team division as well, and it seems the company finally realizes how weak the doubles matches have become on the red brand, which is the first step in the rebuilding process.

Losers: The Bella Twins

If the idea is to hype the return of the Bella Twins en route to Evolution, this segment did a decidedly poor job. Instead, it only highlighted their weaknesses as performers, which was one of the reasons that caused fans to want the "women's revolution," headlined by the Four Horsewomen of NXT, in the first place.

WWE seems to have forgotten why women's wrestling was so disdained in the company in the company prior to 2015, and thoroughly believes its own propaganda. With slow ticket sales and yet another lackluster match announced for the October 28th show last night, Evolution is in dire danger of becoming a big flop.

The Bella Twins will need to perform better if they're to justify the outsized and sudden role seemingly being prepared for them on that night, because this didn't do anybody any favors.

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