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The biggest winners and losers of last night's SmackDown (June 11)

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Published Jun 12, 2019
Jun 12, 2019 IST

Poor Miz.
Poor Miz.

SmackDown was true to form last night, the latest in a long string of episodes signaling the decline of the blue brand as it came under siege with "wild card" nonsense and underwhelming rivalries. WWE doesn't even know what it's doing anymore. Something needs fixing.

Most things didn't matter either way, but did anyone manage to walk away better off from this show?

Loser: The Miz (and many others)

The Miz jumped ship from Raw for a night just so he could be humiliated again by Shane McMahon and his lackeys. This took up about a quarter of the entire show. Shane McMahon hogging the spotlight is making no one better off. He humiliates his opponents, makes his allies look like lackeys, and hogs valuable screen time that great talents aren't getting. Asuka and Kairi Sane haven't been seen for a month. Buddy Murphy hasn't appeared on SmackDown since getting "called up" from 205 Live. Ember Moon is in catering on a weekly basis. Aleister Black (more on him later) hasn't had a single match since becoming a full-time blue brand member.

All so Shane McMahon can take up a quarter of the show?

Something needs to be done about this and soon. The sputtering ratings of both Raw and SmackDown should show the company that McMahon is in no way shape or form a ratings draw. There is no point to this.

Winners: Heavy Machinery

This wasn't a major win, but the fact that Heavy Machinery is getting to beat up local jobbers suggests that some kind of a push is in store for them, even if it's only for a filler title defense for Daniel Bryan and Rowan.

We'll see where they go with this, but the former NXT team are better off than they were before, anyway. Anything for them is better than what they were doing before this.

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