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The biggest winners and losers of last night's SmackDown (October 9)

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The qualification for the World Cup continued.
The qualification for the World Cup continued.

Last night's SmackDown was a disappointing showing compared to Raw (an unusual occurrence). It was even more disappointing when you consider that the show's 1000th edition will come next week. Following the Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch match which ended in a draw as anyone could have expected, the rest of the show simply coasted along.

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The confusion of building to two separate events - Evolution and Crown Jewel five days later, probably had something to do with this.

And if I have to hear "the World Cup to determine the best in the world" one more time, I'd simply prefer to watch the entire show on mute. But I digress.

Who picked up momentum after last night's episode and who lost it?

Loser: Samoa Joe

Hot off the heels of a devastating loss to AJ Styles in Australia, Samoa Joe took a loss to Jeff Hardy when trying to qualify for the World Cup (which somehow has four Americans in the tournament already).

Sure, Samoa Joe's injured leg was given as an excuse for the defeat, but this match further gives one the impression that Samoa Joe can never win when it actually matters. He carries such authenticity to him that it's hard to deny him, but this has to have taken a toll on his credibility now.

Winner: The Miz


As should have been obvious after the way he lost in Australia, The Miz is sticking around the WWE title picture. He played a great antagonist between Styles and Bryan last night and could act as a fine spoiler for what many people consider to be a dream match.

He was emphatic that he gets the next shot and did everything in his power to get under the skin of both men who came to Miz TV. Sometimes, he was even successful in this.

Miz has not only kept himself relevant in the face of a lopsided defeat, but arguably has more buzz than his two competitors.

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