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The biggest winners and losers of last night's SmackDown (September 10)

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For the second night in a row, WWE broadcast live from its supposed home base in Madison Square Garden. With Clash of Champions now less than a week away, the company tried to do the most to up anticipation for the latest pay per view, unfortunately, unlike RAW, SmackDown fell mostly flat this week, with angles of no real consequence and some meaningless filler.

Did anyone manage to pick up a major moment on tonight's show?

Loser: Sami Zayn

While less egregious last night, WWE returned to form in its generational gap last night, when the Undertaker destroyed Sami Zayn in a segment that was ultimately pointless filler. His presence may have helped ratings (debatable at this point), but it was just yet another example of how WWE misuses its current talent as sacrificial lambs to legends of the past.

This sort of stuff is why fans have been so conditioned to view the current generation of talent as charisma vacuums that can't get over.

Sami Zayn wasn't in the midst of a big singles push, but this can't be helpful to him as Shinsuke Nakamura's manager.

Loser: Andrade

It was understandable that WWE wanted to build The Miz up as a viable Intercontinental title challenger on short notice, even though we know he won't be winning the title just by virtue of being a RAW Superstar.

What's more puzzling is Andrade being used as the sacrifice to get Miz over for a throwaway match on a filler pay per view.


Andrade had never broken through, but at this time last year, he was losing to big names like AJ Styles. The Miz, for all his virtues, is a big step down from that level.

It seems like Andrade's natural level in the company is steadily declining with unbroken consistency.

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