The biggest winners and losers of WWE Extreme Rules 2020

It was a blast from the past at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules.
It was a blast from the past at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules.
Modified 20 Jul 2020

The "Horror Show" at Extreme Rules lived up to its name - though not always in the way that it would have liked. The in-ring action at the event was strong, but the finishes to many of the matches left the viewer with much to desire. Overall, the direction of the company heading into SummerSlam has become more confused as a result of some of these matches, but there's plenty of time to clear the cobwebs.

Who got the most and least in booking momentum after last night's action at Extreme Rules?

Winners: Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro

Typical of WWE is to put two singles wrestlers that really had nothing to do with each other, but who the company had no plans for, in a makeshift tag team. Such was the case with Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro. Yet, the pairing is working between the ropes, at least, and last night, the company made the surprising decision to crown them the Tag Team Champions at Extreme Rules.

This was a very good tables match and the surprising winners should shake up the SmackDown tag team division. WWE needs to give fans a reason to get behind the Nakamura and Cesaro pairing beyond their ring skills though, so here's hoping the company fleshes out their story in the coming weeks

Winner: Nikki Cross

Nobody expected Nikki Cross to actually win the SmackDown Women's Championship last night at Extreme Rules, but this might have been her best match since coming to the main roster. She looked wily and tough, with the champion Bayley getting increasingly frustrated at her inability to put her opponent away.

Ultimately, she needed the help of Sasha Banks. The friendship theme would repeat later on in the Extreme Rules card.

Where Nikki Cross goes from here is anyone's guess, but her standing has definitely improved over the last few weeks.

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Published 20 Jul 2020
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