The Hardy Boyz vs Sheamus & Cesaro, WWE Extreme Rules 2017 Winner and Analysis, Reason why Hardys lost


The stipulation for the Hardyz vs. Sheamus & Cesaro match was surely one of the best booking decisions that WWE has made in a while with the Hardyz themselves participating in a steel cage match in WWE for the first time in 15 years. The match starts off with the crowd still hyped from the last match and Cesaro & Sheamus immediately trying to climb out and get a quick victory over the Hardyz but they were stopped dead in their tracks by the champions.

The match continued as the challengers put on a great show as the refuse to let the Hardyz climb out of the cage but are faced with a slam from Sheamus as Cesaro follows with an elbow.

Sheamus hits Matt with a rolling senton and defuses the situation. Jeff sends Cesaro crashing into the cage wall as Matt connects with a tornado DDT.

Matt and Jeff climb onto the cage and Jeff takes a leap of faith after they were both dangling for a while from the top the cage. Matt is forced to fall inside the cage by their challengers who then break out into an assault on the Hardy brother. Jeff tries to get inside the cage to help his brother and hits a successful Whisper in the Wind off the steel cage. As Jeff tries to get his brother out of the cage, the challengers hit the ground first and Sheamus & Cesaro become the new RAW Tag Team Champions.

Result: Sheamus & Cesaro def. The Hardy Boyz and win the RAW Tag Team Championship.

Jeffโ€™s act of carelessness and infamous daredevilry is the reason the brothers lost the tag team titles. As reported earlier, WWE have been contemplating pushing Jeff as a singles star and this loss could plant the seeds for the split.

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