The Haunting of The Ultimate Warrior

The Ult
The Ultimate Warrior was always in touch with the other side

Some ghost stories take a lifetime to be told and some take longer.

The Ultimate Warrior was always in touch with the other side. Hailing from "Parts Unknown" the Warrior exuded an aura of mystery as he ran to the ring in a lightning fast blur of neon. He spoke with a source none of us could see and few could comprehend, making for some of the most entertaining promos in wrestling history.

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Undoubtedly, The Ultimate Warrior had the "it" factor and we were all mesmerized; but, like a comet, he was a brilliant light that would leave just before we could familiarize ourselves with its splendor.

The Ultimate Warrior would leave for awhile and then return. Like the Phoenix, he would resurrect and we would do it all over again. This was expected and although as routine as clockwork, the magic never went away. If nothing else, The Ultimate Warrior was always captivating.

The Ultimate Warrior also never shied away from toying with the paranormal. Not only did he hail from a different universe and not only did he speak with unseen forces; but, he routinely fought against the powers of darkness.

No wrestling fan growing up in the 1990s will ever forget The Ultimate Warrior dripping with green blood after being cursed by the voo doo Houngan, Papa Shango. Then there was the time he tangled with The Undertaker and ended up locked inside the suffocating darkness of a cold steel casket.

Children watched in fear as their hero gasped for air and fought for every second of his very existence. The maniacal Jake "the Snake" Roberts would haunt the Warrior and trap him into a dark snake filled the world, forcing the Warrior to battle against his own inner demons. Darkness was always a part of The Warrior's story.


The Ultimate Warrior's routinely battled dark forces; but, his greatest battle of all may have come after his own passing. The Ultimate Warrior's widow, Dana Warrior, recently took to her Total Warriors podcast to reveal a mysterious tale about The Ultimate Warrior and a very haunted house.

Dana Warrior believes that the Ultimate Warrior has returned from beyond the grave to serve as her personal protector. She believes that the man who so frequently battled the forces of darkness inside of the wrestling ring has returned to battle the forces of darkness from beyond the grave.

#1 The Haunted House

Ultimate Warrior on Paul Bearer's Funeral Parlor show.

Dana Warrior will tell you that The Warrior was the one to make the ultimate decision. The pair purchased a gorgeous 10 acre home outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico that just so happened to be haunted.

The double adobe home was built by a Chicago debutante on tribal land. The Midwestern philanthropist constructed the home on a traditional Midwestern foundation and built a basement with a crawlspace.

Dana Warrior attests that the crawlspace is a portal to another world, which allowed for spirits to come in and out of the home at will.

While Dana Warrior didn't know this history before purchasing the home, something about it triggered her. When The Ultimate Warrior made the decision to purchase, Dana Warrior describes being so distraught that she sobbed uncontrollably.

Dana claims that The Ultimate Warrior could never have accounted for the spirits in the home; however, his presence was so overwhelmingly large that he often kept the spirits at bay.

#2 Ghostly Encounters

The Ultimate Warrior with nemesis The Undertaker

Dana Warrior believes that the presence of water would attract the spirits. She recounted one particular "bone-chilling" moment when she was giving her young daughter Indiana a bath. Indiana looked at her and said,

"Why are you crying?"

Dana replied,

"Honey, I'm not crying."

Then her daughter said,

"No. Not you, the lady behind you holding the baby."

Dana then claims that the entity became emboldened with the birth of her youngest daughter Mattigan.

She recounts walking into Mattigan's nursery to check in on her sleeping infant. Dana Warrior says that she startled whatever was in the nursery with Mattigan.

The entity then knocked everything off the changing table sparking Dana Warrior's protective instincts. Dana turned and faced the entity and screamed out,

"I tell you what. If you ever do that again, I will expel you from this house. You may protect my children; but, you do not possess them."

After she spoke out against the entity, she felt its presence diminish.

#3 Ultimate Warrior's Final Moments

The Ultimate
The Ultimate Warrior making his last ever appearance on WWE television

In April of 2014, The Ultimate Warrior made his return to the WWE to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. It was a beautiful moment, as old wounds were healed and old enemies embraced with tears of joy. Forgiveness reigned supreme. Unfortunately, the moments wouldn't last.

The Ultimate Warrior died suddenly and unexpectedly on April 8th, 2014, only one day after making his final appearance on WWE RAW. Dana Warrior claims that The Ultimate Warrior did not want to die and was not OK with his passing, due specifically to his desire to protect her and his daughters.

At the moment of his passing, Dana Warrior claims to have felt his spirit leave his body and travel through her own. Then she felt him move out of her body and move behind her. Dana Warrior said to her deceased husband,

"You get back in here now."

#4 Ultimate Warrior Transforms After Death

The Ultimate Warrior

After the Warrior passed, Dana and her children were obviously and understandably in a state of shock and extreme sorrow.

While at a hotel, Dana consoled her daughter Indiana, who had been nicknamed "Ladybug" by her late father. She put her arm around her daughter as the two gazed through tears out of their hotel window.

Suddenly a ladybug landed on their hotel room window. Indiana asked her mother,

"Mommy, do you see that?"

Dana Warrior replied,

"Yes, that is Daddy. That is Daddy and Daddy is telling you that it will always be OK and he will always be there."

Years later, Dana attests that whenever things get scary The Ultimate Warrior sends ladybugs.

When Indiana left to begin her ballerina career, a ladybug flew in her hair. When the family moved out of their house, a ladybug flew on their car windshield.

Dana Warrior claims,

"The energies that Warrior leaves let us know that everything is OK."

#5 The Dog Senses Something is Amiss

The Ultimate Warr
The Ultimate Warrior

After Warrior's passing, Dana claims that she could physically feel his presence in the home. Shortly after his passing, their dog Daisy howled for an entire evening. Daisy was pacing and searching for The Ultimate Warrior throughout Dana's 10-acre property.

The dog continued to cry and howl throughout the night. Dana believes that Daisy sensed the Warrior's presence and was confused as to why he wasn't there physically.

Dana then sat down with Daisy and informed her about the Warrior's passing,

"Daddy went to be with Wiley [previous dog that passed]. Daisy you're an old girl and if you need to go be with the boys it's OK; but, I tell you what, I could really use your protection."

Daisy then "righted herself up" and acknowledged what she heard. Daisy lived for several years and passed away the day before Father's Day.

Dana believes that Daisy aggressively fought being put to sleep. She believes that this was due to her dog's desire to protect the family. After Daisy's passing, darker energies moved into the home.

#6 The Home Gets Dark and then the Warrior Returns

Jake "the Snake" Roberts traps The Ultimate Warrior in a place of darkness

After Daisy's passing, Dana Warrior's haunted house became exceptionally dark and much more terrifying. With no one left to protect the family, the spirits in the home became more aggressive. Dana claims that the house began to exude strange odors and there were unexplained scary noises. Warrior recounts one particularly eventful night,

"This one night in was the middle of the night and you started hearing these banging noises, knocking and banging whirring past you. I can't even describe them because I've never heard them before. It sounded like furniture flying and crashing into one another."

Dana felt this unspoken power come over her and was compelled to not speak or move. That's when she claims to have felt the presence of The Ultimate Warrior,

"You could feel him and you could smell him in the house and he was fighting and he was battling and it went on and on and on."

When Dana woke up the next morning she expected to see her home in ruins; but, there wasn't one thing out of place. Warrior attests,

"I knew in that moment that whatever had been there bad, he had battled like he never battled before; but, he was not gonna let anything bad touch his girls. I bet you that is his greatest victory from Parts Unknown."

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