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The interesting story behind Marty Scurll's entrance theme revealed (Exclusive)

Gary Cassidy
Modified 21 Dec 2019, 00:06 IST

Marty Scurll
Marty Scurll's theme is iconic!

I recently caught up with Matt Attard of Hot Tag Media Works while he was on tour with band Junior - also starring WWE Superstar Mark Andrews for our brand-new show Dropkick DiSKussions.

Attard spoke about the entrance music he's created, confirming that his very favourite was Marty Scurll - down to how sentimental the backstory of the theme is.

So, probably the biggest is Marty Scurll. It wasn't just that he was such a big wrestler and his career has blown up - it's huge - but it was such a fun song to do.

It was a long process but it was fun to do and to me it's not just sort of. like him being such a big wrestler, it has sentimental value because it was the first turning point where I feel like Hot Tag really took off, so it has that. I would say, Marty's theme.

Mark Andrews then popped in with an intriguing fact about the theme:

It's a great song as well. it's awesome! The 'whoop-whoops'! He did the 'whoop-whoops'!

Matt continued:

It was all me! At 3am in my old uni house, it was definitely something. Every time I hear it, I occasionally just go to Google, watch it on YouTube to see where it's been used, and seeing it in these Madison Square Garden-size arenas, with this 'whoop-whoop' which I did when I was at my uni house, had a deadline tomorrow for a uni project and I was like... [Matt shrugs] That's my memory from it.

Attard also continued by saying that one WWE Superstar whose theme he'd love to write would be Aleister Black.

I don't want to dunk on Code Orange but I reckon I could do a pretty good hardcore song for Aleister Black. Code Orange, I'm coming for you! I could do something even heavier.

A huge thanks to Matt Attard of Hot Tag Media Works for joining me on Dropkick DiSKussions. You can also follow Hot Tag Media Works here.

Published 12 Aug 2019, 18:15 IST
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