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The Kliq Opinion: The most real lines in the history of WWE: "I am so ashamed."

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Modified 27 Jul 2018, 11:33 IST

If you are a wrestling fan like me, I hope you know about this over the top, too real and realistic, a story-line ridden faction called, "The Kliq." If you don't, I am putting out right there that you don't know anything about WWE and wrestling if you don't know about them. I wish to pen their legacy one day, which might actually take a good length novel of 300 pages to pen down, and if you are ready to switch every 320 words that I cover, I have no problem here. But just so you have an idea, The Kliq were five friends who are still running WWE. They are not Vince's grandfather, father, son, grandchild.

So, as "The Kliq reunites backstage" segment of January 19th, 2019 episode of RAW aired, a today's frustrated all-time WWE favorite fan wanting everybody to give WWE a chance felt Triple H's dialogue in the real-life drama that was portrayed in the episode, "I am ashamed."

Why that?

I love to condemn the today's perspective about the WWE, the wrestling show still performs at its peak. There have never been wrestlers like AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura before. WWE is doing great, but it felt so real a while ago. A punch between Nash and Hall felt more real than Seth hitting a falcon sparrow on Dolph.

"The Statement"

"I am ashamed." was the answer Triple H was left with after Kevin Nash shot him with what could be called as a real-scripted-honest question. The segment brings together Shaun Michaels (D Generation X) Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, (NwO) Triple H (WWE COO, D Generation X, The Evolution) and X-Pac (Okay, I have to think), the original five members of The Kliq where they have quite a candid conversation among themselves. I might be going an extra mile by saying a lot under the brackets strengthening the claim on why The Kliq could be your one and only guess who is still running WWE. Its never the grandfather, father, son or grandchild, it's always the Son-in-law.

On a different note:

The Kliq was and still is the reason why we think that WWE is scripted and aren't child enough to see WWE is real as a today's 10 years old. The Curtain Call, the most controversial incident in the history of WWE, (The Montreal Screwjob included) happened because these five decided to break the best-kept secret of more than three decades, the idea of kayfabe in front of thousands of people. So whenever the reunited, they broke character to the degree that you will think you are watching Big Brother at home. (Bigg Boss)

To the extent that Randy Orton's giraffe jump will fail to give evidence to the fact that WWE is scripted. One won't find their videos in the lists of top 10 times WWE wrestlers broke character, otherwise, it will be full of them.

"What the hell kinda show you running man?" - Kevin Nash


In the segment, the first question that is thrown on Triple H after he is delivering his character dialogue, a more validated step at breaking the wall (which ofcourse is scripted again but feels real) is thrown by Scott Hall as he asks him about the gimmick he is playing to which Triple H responds to saying, "It's a nice gimmick." And since here on it's always Kevin Nash hinting to drop the suite. After some really candid time between the two, enter the most underrated member of the most underrated faction of WWE. Sean Waltman.

Who is Salt Waltman?

By large margins, it is clear that major audience would rather know one name from the other four members of The Kliq than Sean Waltman. Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Shaun Michaels and Triple H are fan favorites. Salt Whitman did not really get the recognition he deserved. This is quite clear for the kind of entry he received after their very few screen time together in the RAW segment.

Damien Sandow is seen as a look-alike of Salt Whitman (who is later pulled off by The Miz as being referred to, "He is my stunt double" as Damien Sandow did the DX signal and left. The Miz can be seen doing the hand gesture as he exits from the frame. This is where Kevin Nash hits Triple H with this remarkable question.

The Damien Sandow and Sean Whitman screen time


A couple of gestures were shared during this segment when Damien Sandow impersonated Sean Whitman and switch The Kliq hand gesture (reminds you of The Bullet Club?) to a DX impersonation hinting that the two great factions that came out from The Kliq will largely be remembered by the DX rather than nWo.

"I am ashamed." - Triple H

The game lost bets here and had to admit to Kevin Nash that he was ashamed of the poor gimmicks, dialogues, and the segment of the show. Throughout the video Triple H can be seen hiding his face with his hand, trying hard not to laugh. Kevin Nash can be seen brushing his hairs in disdain after the very awkward entry of Sean Whitman. "I am ashamed." No wonder, watching WWE today, I don't feel so nice, the show is good, but I have realistic expectations.

The best way WWE could break character as a show was the statement made by Triple H about the show and that for me is the most real line in the history of WWE.

The Kliq and their major influence on the WWE are immense, Do let me know your views in the comment section if you know about The Kliq.

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Published 27 Jul 2018, 11:33 IST
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