The Most Memorable WWE Botches of 2018

  • The increase of cameras around the ring has made number of botches more obvious to fans. Which ones were the more memorable in 2018?
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Brie Bella became the center of attention after her numerous botches on return to the ring
Brie Bella became the
of attention after her numerous botches on return to the ring

2018 has been a fairly good year for wrestling in WWE for the most part. Barring the final few episodes of RAW to close out the year, all three brands have performed up to the fans standards to deliver the best product that they possibly can.

However, the ugly head of botches reared its head once again like every other year. Botches are the result of either a wrestler messing up one or more sequences of a move, the sequence of a match, or fumble with their words while delivering a promo. Most of this happens due to the inexperience of a performer. However, many times even the most experienced professionals fall prey to botches.

We saw many great performances and dream matches in 2018, but many of them were marred by botches which either made the match fall apart, or became the most memorable part of the match.

Because of that very reason, we decided to come up with a list of the most memorable botches of 2018 to showcase how even the most skilled performers can mess up at times and disturb the sequence of a match.

Take a look at the most memorable botches of this year and share your favourite or not-so-favourite ones in the comments section below!

#13 Carmella

The former SmackDown Champion
The former SmackDown Champion

Battle Royals are usually extremely botchy affairs since so many Superstars take to the ring at the same time and so many spots are being performed that many a time things get out of hand.

Speaking of things getting out of hand, the Evolution pay-per-view saw things getting out of hand for Ember Moon for no fault of her own. The former SmackDown Champion Carmella is definitely one of the most athletic women in WWE. However, she’s not the most gifted when it comes to wrestling.

During the Battle Royal at the event, Carmella went to deliver head scissors to Ember Moon which didn’t work too well. Carmella wasn’t able to grab hold of Moon’s head between her legs and the two started twirling around without Carmella being in position.


Moon tried several times to lift Carmella up so she could grab a hold of her head but the same didn’t happen. Finally, Moon tired out and slammed Carmella back first into the mat while pretending like head scissors had been delivered to her.

Things seemed a bit too ugly and thankfully both women were able to get back into the match without any injuries.

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Published 11 Dec 2018, 19:53 IST
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