The perfect double turn was executed in the Cruiserweight Division

Neville sto
Neville stood up for the Cruiserweight Division on Monday
Modified 28 Sep 2017

The end of Monday Night Raw this week was very unique. It was the first time that Raw closed with the Cruiserweight Division as Enzo Amore's championship celebration took place.

Enzo had a referendum from Raw General Manager Kurt Angle which said that anyone that assaulted him would forfeit their chance to face him for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. During the celebration, the entire -- except for one -- Cruiserweight Division came out to show their displeasure.

After Enzo roasted the entire division, the King Of The Cruiserweights, Neville, made his way down the ramp and got in the ring with Enzo. While Enzo reiterated the no-contact clause, Neville didn't care and brutally attacked him.

This set up a beautiful double turn that I honestly didn't see coming...

For those that aren't familiar, Neville was a babyface for most of his career in the WWE, though he started to show some heel tendencies towards the end of his NXT run when he feuded with Sami Zayn. When he made his return from injury at the end of 2016, he debuted in the Cruiserweight Division as a heel by attacking Rich Swann.

Enzo got
Enzo got his revenge on Tuesday

There were several catalysts that came into play at the end of this week's edition of Raw to prove a double turn was in play.

With Neville, he quit being a selfish heel and decided to forfeit his championship chances by attacking Enzo as a way to speak for the entire Cruiserweight Division. The other piece of evidence was that Neville used the Red Arrow, a move he quit using as a heel. He landed the Red Arrow on Enzo to finish his attack on Monday.

As for Enzo, it's been a slow burn turning him heel since his debut in the Cruiserweight Division a little over a month ago. You've seen him cheat to win several times over the past few weeks, including at No Mercy to win the title.

Little by little as the weeks go on, Enzo got more annoying and cocky. His promo on this week's Raw, trashing those in the division, was the icing on the cake for the heel turn. The WWE basically took something out of real life -- people getting tired of the way he acts backstage, and turned it up a notch on camera.

How will t
How will the double turn affect the Cruiserweight Division going forward?

Now that Neville forfeited his chance at the title, it's still unsure who will be next to challenge Enzo. After Raw went off the air, Braun Strowman came out and delivered two running powerslams to Enzo and then handed him off to the rest of the Cruiserweight Division to beat him up, essentially forfeiting their chances as well.

Expect more clarity over the next couple weeks on Raw and 205 Live.

In the end, I absolutely loved the segment that closed Raw this week. Vince McMahon and co. gave the division a chance to shine as Raw went off the air, and those guys knocked it out of the park.

Having Enzo as the top heel breathes some life into the division, which was sorely needed. As for Neville, his heel character transformation was amazing, and he can still use that same type of character as a babyface, it helps him stand out where he previously didn't as a good guy.

Published 28 Sep 2017
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