The real story behind the Mr Mahon's 'illegitimate son' fiasco

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Mr McMahon

For those of you who don’t know the ‘who is Mr McMahon’s illegitimate son’ storyline, Here is a short gist of what the entire issue centered around. In case you are aware about it, skip to the next paragraph.

The WWE has had a hella lotta interesting storylines around the years that have been appreciated and lauded to a great extent. They have also had a fair share of storylines that only they can give explanations to. One such ‘mind boggling’ storyline is the illegitimate son storyline. The WWE ran a story about how Mr McMahon had an illegitimate son and that he was to be revealed later to the WWE universe. After all the paternity tests and the other fictitious acts, Mr Kennedy was revealed to be the son of the boss. But what will stun you is the initial plan that the WWE had decided to execute.

In 2007, the WWE decided to come up with a plot wherein they killed the ‘Mr McMahon’ character in a limousine accident. They planned to follow this up with a ‘who killed Mr McMahon’ plot. It was to be revealed later that it was WWE COO Linda McMahon who had committed the incident and she was to be sent to jail for the murder of her husband. The WWE would also get an anonymous clip wherein Mr McMahon records his will that the entire WWE would go into the hands of his illegitimate son Mr Kennedy.

Kennedy, now the owner of the WWE would soon become the top heel in the business and win titles at his mercy. He would then be challenged by a kayfabe Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, who would get married later to allow Triple H to legitimately vie for the ownership of the company. The Game would then escalate his feud with Kennedy all the way till Wrestlemania where he will wins the match and the right to command the WWE. Mr McMahon would then make a surprise return to the WWE and reveal how he faked his own death and planted evidence against his wife to restore the WWE to his true son.

The plot can indeed be described as a ‘masterplan’, but it was a shame that it never materialized. Post the accident, the WWE had planned a three hour show dedicated in memory of Mr McMahon. All was well until the double murder homicide of Chris Benoit, that shook the entire WWE to its core. They were unable to proceed with the whole storyline due to the unfortunate turn of events and hence slimmed the entire story to centre around who the illegitimate son of Mr McMahon was.

Hornswoggle being punished by Mr McMahon

Former WWE Cruiser weight Hornswoggle, also played a vital role in the feud. He was initially revealed as the illegitimate son of the boss much to the latter’s dismay. He was backed by Triple H throughout the storyline, who’s only intention was to humiliate his father in law. JBL, then interfered revealing how Hornswoggle was Finlay’s son rather then McMahon’s and the storyline took a sour turn from there before slowly fading away.

The WWE have never attempted to do such a daring act in quite a while now after the whole fiasco. One can only imagine why, after seeing the repercussions of the Chris Benoit tragedy.

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