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The Shield & Kurt Angle vs The Miz, The Bar, Kane & Braun Strowman: TLC Match - TLC 2017 Match Results and Analysis

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Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle and The Shield won against The Miz, The Bar and the Kane.

The main event of the night saw a reunited Shield, only with Kurt Angle in place of Roman Reigns. And did replace Roman, walking in dressed as one of the Shield, albeit being the only one smiling throughout the entrance.

The crowd was chanting "You suck" and the 3 members started brawling with steel chairs. Angle went after Kane, who hit the chair out of his hand. Rollins made a save and the three started to hit steel chairs on Strowman and Kane and drove them outside the ring. Rollins and Ambrose then hit a Suicide Dive to Miz and the Bar. 

Outside the ring, the trio used a small ladder to take out Miz & The Bar. Angle then assaulted Strowman with a ladder and brought him down! Kane caught Ambrose in a chokeslam position but Rollins hit Kane with a flying knee! The Shield were handing it to Kane with a ladder to the mid-section. The Bar tried to get the offence in on Rollins and Ambrose but they caught them back. They placed Kane on the table but Strowman bulldozes through 3 of them.

Rollins and Ambrose and Kurt managed to get the better of Strowman too. They placed him on the announce table next to Kane's. Two tables were set up and Rollins and Ambrose dived onto Strowman and Kane. Back in the ring, The Miz and The Bar were triple teaming Angle! The former champions assaulted him with a steel chair and then did their signature taunt. The Miz and The Bar went for a Triple powerbomb onto Angle with Miz doing the "Ooooah!" Rollins and Ambrose prevent this from happening and the battle goes outside again!

Angle started with German suplexes onto The Miz and then on Sheamus and Cesaro. Kane sat up and entered the ring as the crowd chanted "You still got it". Angle goes for the ankle lock but Strowman took him out with a big sweep before power slamming him into a table.

Outside the ring, the heels were dominant and the Tag Team Champions were being assaulted. The medics were escorting Angle away and it was now a 5-on-2 match.

Inside the ring, the 5 members were taking it slow and constantly assaulted Rollins and Ambrose with steel chairs. Rollins and Ambrose attempted to fight back and Kane accidentally hit Strowman with a steel chair when Rollins ducked. Strowman turned around and pushed Kane down. Kane, Cesaro & Sheamus tried to play peacemakers but Rollins and Ambrose jumped them and was outnumbered once again. Ambrose was hit with a double crucifix onto a table but the table failed to break.

In a dramatic turn of events, The Miz called in a garbage truck to the arena and into the stage area. The remaining members of the shield were thrown into a garbage truck but fight the bar off and climb to the top of the truck and jump onto all of them except The Miz. They ran after The Miz and The IC champ tried to jump the barricade but got caught.

Th Miz tried to crawl away before Kane made the rescue before Kane himself was attacked by the Shield. Strowman interfered but was hit by Kane which made him very angry. Kane chokeslammed Strowman onto a table from the entrance stage and it looked like he was broken. Kane took down the string of chairs and made them all drop on the Monster.

Kane then attacked Ambrose Rollins but the duo outnumbered him. The Miz went after them but was outnumbered. Kane double chokeslammed the duo onto two tables.

The Bar, Kane and The Miz had control of The Shield and Strowman crawled out. Kane looked in absolute disbelief. The Miz was begging him to not attack Kane. He then started to destroy The Miz, Cesaro and then went after Kane. Strowman lifted Kane for a power slam to the garbage truck but The Bar pulled him off and all 4 of them attacked Strowman before loading him onto the truck and sending it on its way. It seems the Monster Among Men should be out for some time with a 'serious storyline injury'.

The Bar and Miz assaulted Seth Rollins in the ring while Kane was outside. Ambrose came in but was outnumbered.

Kurt Angle's music hit and he came out clutching his stomach. He threw Cesaro on his back and suplexed Sheamus outside. He hit Cesaro with a suplex onto a table and inside the ring, he cleared The Miz from the ring. Kane started to attack him and go for a tombstone but Rollins and Ambrose saved Angle.

Ambrose and Rollins ran Kane through the barricade while back in the ring, The Miz hit Angle with a skull-crushing finale but Angle kicked out at two. He caught The Miz in an ankle lock and kicked Angle out of the ring. Angle struggled to fall as he got caught on the ropes but fell down. The three surrounded The Miz in the ring and all hit their finishers. They went for the iconic triple powerbomb and Angle even did the "OOOOOAAA". The shield got the pinfall soon after the big move.

Result: Kurt Angle, Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins def. Kane, Braun Strowman, The Miz, Cesaro & Sheamus

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