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The Tombstone Piledriver - Who Did It Best?

Sometimes the simplest moves are the best...
Sometimes the simplest moves are the best...
Modified 13 Oct 2018
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There are few wrestling moves more memorable than the Tombstone Piledriver. It has been a staple in professional wrestling for decades, and has become so popular that everyone, even those not in WWE, call the move the ‘Tombstone’.

Part of the move’s popularity is its simplicity. You pick someone up, flip them upside down, and kneel down while driving that person’s head into the mat. Even if the move is scripted and actually safe to take, it looks devastating.

Although most of the move’s initial users were big men (especially Andre the Giant, who invented it in the first place), a lot of smaller wrestlers have started using it too.

Even the Young Bucks, who are noted for their aerial maneuvers, use a double-team Tombstone Piledriver as one of their main tag team finishers.

They say that imitation is the best form of flattery, so that must mean that there are a lot of flatterers out there that love using the Tombstone in their matches.

But out of all these wrestlers, which ones hit the Tombstone the best? Read on to find out…

7. Drew McIntyre

McIntyre never did this move in WWE, but did it a lot before and after his first run
McIntyre never did this move in WWE, but did it a lot before and after his first run

Before he became known as ‘the Chosen One’ in WWE, McIntyre was known in British wrestling circles as Drew Galloway. And Galloway’s finisher before coming to WWE was the Tombstone Piledriver, which he called ‘Thee Move’. In most cases, he hit the move perfectly, and it made him look like a major threat in the ring.


As you can imagine with WWE’s extremely hierarchical environment, they would never allow a rookie – or even a rising star hand-picked by Vince McMahon himself – to use a move associated with one of the company’s most iconic wrestlers (unless there was a feud between them).

This is why McIntyre was given the double-arm DDT as his WWE finisher instead of the Tombstone Piledriver.

Yet this could’ve been the perfect way for Vince’s ‘Chosen One’ to be catapulted to the main event. Imagine seeing this heelish rookie beating everyone with the Tombstone. He would keep beating people with it, until he eventually crossed paths with the Undertaker, who’d be furious over this act of disrespect.

That would be the perfect way to setup a feud between legend and rising star, which would’ve done wonders for McIntyre’s career during his first run in WWE.

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Published 13 Oct 2018, 11:02 IST
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