The Undertaker and his various gimmicks throughout his WWE career

WWE SummerSlam 2015
WWE SummerSlam 2015

Undertaker is one the greatest wrestler to have competed inside the WWE ring. If we consider his legacy which dates back to the 1990s and run all the way to 2018, Undertaker has accomplished something which not every wrestler has. Undertaker's career lasting more than 25 years is a testimony of the kind of focus that Mark Calaway - the man behind Undertaker, endured in making Undertaker, to what he is today in the wrestling world.

Like every wrestler, Undertaker has had his down moments in his wrestling career, but the Phenom has ruled almost all his time in the WWE industry.

The Undertaker has held the 17 championships throughout his wrestling career. He is a seven-time WWE Champion, a six-time WWE Tag Team Champion, and a one-time WWE Hardcore Champion. Outside of WWE, he is also a one-time WCW Tag Team Champion in WCW. He has also held a one-time USWA Texas Champion and a one-time USWA Unified World Heavyweight Champion. The Undertaker has headlined multiple pay-per-view events for the WWE, including four WrestleManias (WrestleMania 13, WrestleMania XXIV, WrestleMania XXVI, and WrestleMania 33).

In 2007, when The Undertaker won the Royal Rumble, he was adjudged as the longest reigning tenured performer in the history of WWE. A career spanning over 27 years has earned him the nickname, "soul of the WWE."

Let's trace Undertaker's career and the various gimmicks that he donned in his wrestling career

Western Mortician (Debut Undertaker)

Debut Undertaker

Undertaker made his debut as Kane The Undertaker in 1990 and the phase is known as Western Mortician gimmick. Calaway made his WWF debut way back in 1990. Dressed in a trench coat, grey-striped tie, and grey-ringed, black Stetson hat with grey gloves and boot spats, Kane The Undertaker had an impressing debut as a villainous character. The gimmick did not stay for too long and was scrapped a year later.

The Undertaker's debut brought about a sense of eerie in the wrestling fans and the establishment of The Undertaker as a heel was hence registered to be a trademark for his career run. He would later change suites for different gimmicks, but his first appearance as this scary persona was a sight to behold.

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