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The Undertaker prevails over CM Punk for 21-0

"WrestleMania 25" - Inside

The Undertaker got his revenge against CM Punk courtesy his 21st WrestleMania win, and in turn stretched his perfect record at the biggest WWE pay-per-view to 21-0.

For two long months, since the demise of his former manager Paul Bearer (William Moody), the Undertaker was put through absolute hell by CM Punk, who, as we remember came out victorious in the Fatal Four Way match against Sheamus, The Big Show and Randy Orton. This was probably the first time The Undertaker was put through such a high degree of mind games. CM Punk not only went so far as to disrespect the urn containing the remains of the late Paul Bearer, but also struck both the Undertaker and Kane with the urn, emptying the contents of the urn on the phenom.

With all the controversy surrounding the match, and with Punk succeeding to turn all the attention onto this particular match, the stage was set for a gruelling encounter, and the WWE universe got just what they wanted on Sunday.

In an innovative move, the New York band, Living Colors performed Punk’s theme song live, for the 80,000 odd present in the MetLife Stadium, New Jersey.

The duel finally began with both superstars making the much-anticipated tentative moves on each other, with the dead man showing his frustration by tossing the former champion outside the ring, and exhibiting a few vintage moves. However, Punk found an opening when the Undertaker’s rope walk maneuver created an opening, who in turn performed the same move on the phenom with fractional perfection. Punk was the first to go for the cover, with the Undertaker kicking out, and Paul Heyman screaming words of encouragement outside the ring and urn in hand, mocking Bearer.

Punk would later on go for the cover three more times, with the Undertaker not looking to hand his first WrestleMania loss to a man who humiliated him for the past few weeks on the network. In a desperate attempt, Punk crashed into the chest of the Undertaker whilst lying on the announcers desk. Confident that he would not make it back into the ring within the count of 10, Punk took refuge in the ring. However, the resilience of the Undertaker was highlighted once more, as the latter dived his way into the ring with a moment to spare.

The fight would then go on to be an equal encounter, as both men used their respective signature as well as submission moves. Despite two choke slams and a tombstone, Punk was able to tap out. The fight finally concluded when Punk’s attempt to perform the GTS on the Undertaker failed miserably, as the dead man caused a brilliant reversal to perform a perfect tombstone on Punk, thereby pinning him for number 21.

The Undertaker’s WrestleMania was concluded when he performed what might be the last rights for Paul Bearer, although some might believe that the fact that he kept the streak alive would be enough to honour the Undertaker’s former manager.

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