The Undertaker's tattoos - what do they mean?

The Undertaker inside the ring
The Undertaker has plethora of tattoos on his upper body

If you entered a WWE locker-room today, almost all the Superstars would have some kind of tattoo or tattoos. They may range from just one or two symbols to a full-fledged body paint.

Sometimes, WWE performers are not only recognised instantly by their wrestling theme song or by their iconic pose or a signature manoeuvre but also their collection of tattoo or tattoos they have.

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Tattoos are considered a representation or an expression of unspoken thoughts or feelings- which may be pleasant or horrifying. They may also serve as a reminder of a story or a memory for a WWE superstar in his personal life.

Some might just incorporate a body art or symbol as a part of their character to project realism. One of the features of The Deadman that catch our eyes, other than his obvious spellbinding presence, is his war paint like body art, especially on both of his sleeves.

The Undertaker has several other tattoos – his arms, his stomach and neck (both front and back).

Neck (front)

The Undertaker married his second wife, Sara, in 2000. The marriage lasted for seven years, as the couple got divorced in 2007. The Undertaker used to have a visible tattoo in the front part of his neck with the first name of his wife on it. This tattoo was first noticeable after his return to the WWE in 2000 as the American Bad Ass.

The tattoo was a wedding gift by Taker to his wife to symbolise his love for her. The Undertaker has said in the past that it is one of the most painful tattoos he has ever gotten.

Undertaker wallpaper
The Undertaker’s ‘Sara’ tattoo

In an interview with the then, The Undertaker said the following about the tattoo on this throat

“The one on my throat? Yeah, it tickled a little (smiles). It was one of the shorter settings I ever had, but it was pretty intense. When it came across Adam's apple area, I knew where he (the tattoo artist) was at. Fortunately for me, I have a very high threshold of pain. To some extent, I guess I enjoy it. But it's not for the weak at heart.”

Neck (back)

Undertaker showing off his neck tattoo
The War Skeleton

Another unique tattoo that Undertaker has engraved is the one on the back of his neck. There are a lot of tattoos of The Undertaker that resemble skeletons. However, the one on the behind portion of his neck is that of a Dancing Skeleton or a Fighting Skeleton or a Fighting Skull.

The Undertaker, in 2002, appeared on the Canadian talk show called “Off the Record” with Michael Landsberg and one of the fans asked the Phenom about the tattoo on the back of his neck. The Undertaker had the following response:

“That is the fighting skeleton. A lot of my tattoos have to do with skeletons, skulls and all that. That’s the war skeleton right there”

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Arms (both)

The Undertaker's right arm
Taker’s arm feature some of his favourite designs such as skulls and skeletons

The Undertaker has been fond of designs and symbols that involve skeleton, skulls and similar imagery related to dark and mysterious creatures. The Undertaker’s arms more than any other body part, are replete with tattoos featuring skulls, skeleton, wizards, demons and castles.

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In the same interview with Landsberg, the host asked The Deadman about the number of tattoos and if he still pursues getting tattoos. He said:

“They all kind of run together through the years. I got one on my left arm and one on my right arm. I got two big ones, one on each arm and few scattered here and there. Every once in a while I find the time and get the motivation to go sit in there and get a little ink but I am not nearly as motivated as I once was.”

The right and left arm of the Undertaker is filled with tattoos involving skulls, wizards, castles and demons. This is completely due to his affinity towards anything medieval. Some of his famous arm tattoos involve a Grim Reaper on the lower left arm and a demon that looks as if it is thinking, hence entitled the ‘Thinking Demon’ on the upper right arm.


One of the famous tattoos the Undertaker bears is the one on the lower abdomen. It reads “B.S.K Pride”. According to Percy Pringle, famously known as WWE Hall of Famer Paul Bearer, the initials stand for ‘Bone Street Krewe’. Although others names have been associated those abbreviations such as ‘Back Stage Krewe’ and ‘Brotherhood of Solitary Nights’.

The Undertaker's abdominal tattoo
Good friends often get similar tattoos

Apparently, this group involved The Undertaker, Yokozuna, Savio Vega, The Godfather/Papa Shango/Kama Mustafa, The Godwinns and Rikishi (then known as Fatu). The members had such a strong allegiance to the group, which they had agreed to carve the initials of the group’s name with Taker’s being on the stomach.

The internet rumour in the 90s was that this group was formed to counterbalance the rampant backstage faction of ‘The Kliq’ led by Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. However, it is said that it was just a group of people with similar likes and interests who travelled together with each other on the road.

It is generally argued that the man who brought the tattoo culture to the WWE was The Undertaker. The Undertaker has replaced, modified and covered up some tattoos over the years, but there are few distinct ones that are very prominent and are synonymous with his persona.

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Just like any other person, The Undertaker’s tattoos have a lot of deep-rooted meaning and memory behind it. We also get to know some of the likes and preferences of the Phenom through the choice of his designs and images he chose to engrave.

The sleeve tattoos, in particular, have become so synonymous with The Undertaker that it would be really weird to see him without them. Just like The Undertaker has made an indelible mark on the WWE and the world of professional wrestling, his ink contain some of the most indelible stories and feelings for him.

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