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The Wrong People won the Money in the Bank Ladder Matches Last Night

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Last night at WWE Money in the Bank, we saw two new winners of the Money in the Bank ladder match in the form of Alexa Bliss and Braun Strowman, and both of them were the wrong decisions to have won their respective matches.   

Let's start off with Alexa Bliss, who was the worse of the two decisions. Bliss has been in the Women's title picture on both RAW and Smackdown since her main roster debut in 2016. She is the first woman to have won both the RAW and Smackdown Women's titles and has five title reigns to show for it.

She also won the first ever Women's Elimination Chamber match earlier this year, and it feels like she has been in every Women's title match on whichever brand she is on since her debut as well. Fans like to complain about Roman Reigns and how he is always in the title picture and being shoved down fan's throats, but Bliss is no different and is even worse in my opinion.    

The fans in attendance last night were clearly behind Becky Lynch and wanted her to win, which would have been the best woman in this match. The only other winner of the match that would have been worse than Bliss is Lana, who is still extremely green in the ring and barely wrestles, but since she is aligned with Russev, who is super popular, I don't think the outrage would have been as bad.

One could also argue that Charlotte would have been a bad decision to win as well since she just lost the title to Carmella and is always in the title picture like Bliss, but Charlotte hasn't been pushed as heavily as she was a couple of years ago.    

As for the Men's Money in the Bank match and Braun Strowman winning, this has less to do with how much he has been pushed, it's the fact that of all of the men in the match, he is the one that didn't need the briefcase. Strowman is a powerhouse and can basically force his way into a title match, much like he did last year on multiple occasions.

Also, even though it wasn't for a title match, Strowman won the Greatest Royal Rumble a couple of months ago, and it is brought up on occasion that Strowman winning the Rumble essentially puts him at the head of the line for a title match anyway, so why did he need to win the briefcase? Also, unless Strowman takes the Rob Van Dam route and announces when he is going to cash in, the briefcase does not fit his character at all.    

The Money in the Bank briefcase is usually for mid-carders who are ready to take the next stop, and that fitted everyone in last night's match except Strowman, and to a lesser extent Kevin Owens, who are both already established main eventers.

Like Strowman, the briefcase doesn't fit Samoa Joe or his character either, but Joe has yet to establish himself fully on the main roster. The Miz would have been the perfect winner since the briefcase fits him and his character perfectly, and it would have made for entertaining television. So, while both matches were good, especially the Women's match, which was drastically better than last years, the winners leave a lot to be desired.

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