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This day in Pro Wrestling history - 15th March: AJ Styles completes the TNA Grandslam

Jeff Hardy also had a life-altering incident happen to him on this day.

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The face that runs the place

The Grandslam Championship is the symbolic title awarded to any wrestler who wins all titles in a promotion that they’re eligible for. With many championships getting sidelined as the promotion grows and many new championships getting introduced, it is rare for a wrestler to complete the ‘Grandslam’.

But AJ Styles had been with TNA for nearly 14 years and has won every title available in the company – in fact, he was the first Grandslam champion in TNA history: Something he accomplished 8 years ago today, in a match against Booker.T

TNA considers the NWA/TNA World title, NWA/TNA Tag team title, the X-Division title and the Legends/Global title wins to complete the criteria. Styles is among the four men who have completed the feat alongside Abyss, Samoa Joe and Eric Young.

Let us take a look at what else happened on 15th March through the years.

#1 Jeff Hardy loses his home in a fire – 15th March 2008

Jeff Hardy would lose his house in a fire in 2008

Jeff Hardy faced a lot of personal trauma during his final days in the WWE and nothing was more heartbreaking than what happened on March 15, 2008, when his North Carolina home burned down to the ground in a fire. Jeff lost his possessions and even his dog tragically burned to death.

It was Jeff’s brother Matt who first noticed fire coming out of the house, but there was nothing he could do once he reached the house. Jeff was serving his second suspension due to a violation of WWE Wellness policy at the time.

The events were later inserted to add spice to the ongoing story line between Matt and Jeff which lead to a match at Wrestlemania.

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