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This video of Braun Strowman proves that he is a cool guy in real life

This video gives us a look at the cool side of Braun's personality.

News 12 May 2017, 14:24 IST
Strowman is currently injured and will be out for 4-8 weeks

What’s the story?

A fan recently made a compilation of funny and goofy happenings in WWE superstar Braun Strowman’s day to life. And, we must say that it is a treat watching him do regular stuff such as throwing the Vortex football like a champ.

In case you didn’t know...

Strowman made his main roster debut in 2015 on an episode of Raw. On his first night, he destroyed Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, aligning himself with the Wyatt Family in the process. Thereafter, as part of the Wyatt Family, he feuded with likes of the Dudleys, Chris Jericho and Tommy Dreamer to name just a few. 

As part of the 2016 WWE Draft, Strowman was drafted to Raw while Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan found themselves on the blue brand. Since then, the ‘Monster among Men’ has been on a rampage. He has dominated the likes to Sami Zayn and Reigns, establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with.  

The heart Of The Matter

In the said video, Strowman can be seen doing ‘regular guy stuff’ such as throwing a football and chilling with friends. Moreover, at one point, he can be seen preparing a chicken-broccoli shake and enjoying it to the fullest. Onscreen, Strowman is one of the most imposing figures on the WWE roster.

His mere presence is enough to send chills down the spine. As such, seeing the goofy side of his personality is quite a pleasant surprise.

What’s next?

At the recently held Payback PPV, Strowman destroyed Reigns in a brutal encounter. However, he picked up an injury along the way. At present, he is nursing his wounds and could be out of action for four to eight weeks.

As he is a vital part of the WWE roster, it is important that he recovers at the earliest. And once he returns, he could continue his feud with Reigns or even lock horns with WWE Universal champion, Brock Lesnsar.  

Author’s Take

This video clearly proves that Strowman is one lively guy in real-life. If at some point, he turns face then this trait could go a long way in making him a hit with the younger generation of WWE fans.

That said and done, I have no problems if he continues being a heel throughout his career. He is just that damn good!

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