Opinion: Three WWE Superstars who should be utilised better following 2019 Draft


It's no secret that there is underutilised talent on the WWE main roster. Fortunately, the advertised draft will be an opportunity for more stars to have TV time. Though WWE is home to top talent, there are three whose long-overdue push should happen in the near future.

These three Superstars have the potential to become the next world and women's champion but have been held back due to the wildcard rule. Below are the stars and suggested brands they should be drafted to and how they should be utilised better.

Samoa Joe (RAW)

Samoa Joe
Samoa Joe

After making the jump from Impact to WWE, fans were waiting to see what Samoa Joe could bring to the table under a new company. However, not since his feud with AJ Styles has Joe done anything to make him a top star in the promotion. His title match against Kofi Kingston and the King of the Ring tournament were short but there's more to him than short feuds.

Joe is a top star in the company with what he brings to the table. From his mic skills to his in-ring performance, Raw would be the best brand for him as he deserves to be among the other big names on the flagship promotion.

Ruby Riott (Smackdown Live)

Ruby Riott
Ruby Riott

The Riott Squad led by Ruby Riott were to be the heels of the women's division. However, their debut was mixed in the same week as then group Absolution with Paige, Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville.

Though a good performer, she was only given one title opportunity and that was against Ronda Rousey who made quick work of the wrestler. With the brand split and her shoulder injury, she's been out of the picture for some time.

Upon her return, Smackdown Live is the best brand for the star to make a comeback. Imagine she comes back and suddenly attacks a pushed Liv Morgan. Her feuds with Bayley and others on the women's roster will make her a bigger heel, which they need more of in the division.

Andrade (Smackdown Live)


Without a doubt, Andrade has all the ingredients to become a future champion, at least a mid-card title like the Intercontinental Championship. But not since NXT has he been able to go beyond the restrictions of the main roster excluding his matches with Rey Mysterio.

Another factor in his performance is Zelina Vega who always seems to interfere in the majority of his matches. Though that is the role of the manager at times, it makes him look weak without her and we can agree he doesn't need a translator, having him only speaking one language doesn't make him look more like a heel.

Almas in Smackdown is a better fit. Though he has the talent, he's drowning in the list of other stars on Raw. He will have better success on the blue brand as it will give more exposure with the brand moving to FOX.

The draft is set to take place on Smackdown Live on October11 and again on Raw on October 14.

Which superstars would you like to see on Raw and Smackdown Live? Leave your responses in the comments below.

Edited by Nishant Jayaram
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