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WWE News: Titus O'Neil's Royal Rumble fall commemorated with a hilarious T-shirt

3.15K   //    01 May 2018, 08:26 IST

Titus O'Neil in the Greatest Royal Rumble Match
Titus O'Neil in the Greatest Royal Rumble Match

What's the story?

At the Greatest Royal Rumble Event which took place at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Titus O'Neil's appearance in the 50-Man Royal Rumble Match left a deep impact. 

During his entrance to the ring, while running down the ramp, he tripped and fell, sliding all the way underneath the ring. 

You can see the video here:

On Twitter, O'Neil revealed that there was a new t-shirt being launched by WWE, which commemorated his fall during the Rumble.

In case you didn't know...

At the Greatest Royal Rumble Event in Saudi Arabia, during the 50-Man Royal Rumble Match, O'Neil left his mark.

In a moment that since then has gone viral, Titus tried to enter the Royal Rumble Match but instead stumbled and fell, his running momentum sending him sliding underneath the ring. 

The moment was immediately replayed over and over, as the crowd and commentators all lost it and could not help laughing at the indignant Titus.

The heart of the matter

On Monday Night Raw, O'Neil was interviewed where he talked about his fall during the Rumble Match.

At first, he tried to pretend that the fall was on purpose and planned but later confessed laughing that it was an accident and he had fallen. 

You can see the video here:

O'Neil took to Twitter, where he revealed that WWE had put out a t-shirt which commemorated his fall during the Rumble, "Rumble Stumble Slide....Do it Worldwide". 

During a match between No Way Jose and Baron Corbin, O'Neil came out and fell from the apron causing a distraction which allowed No Way Jose to pick up the win.

What's next?

WWE is known for their ability to appreciate a humorous moment, and this may help O'Neil in the long run to get a push.

This has helped him to get over with the fans and get noticed by the backstage authorities.

Author's take

O'Neil is one of the funnier characters on the WWE roster. It looks like he will be adapting his falling as a gimmick.

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