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WWE/TNA News: Detailed story revealing the reason for Bobby Roode's TNA departure

Rohit Nath
4.97K   //    23 Oct 2016, 16:24 IST
Bobby Roode has come to make NXT Glorious

Bobby Roode is already one of the most over stars in NXT. A big chunk of it is thanks to his theme song Glorious Damnation which fans thoroughly enjoy singing along to. It was revealed earlier this year that he(and Eric Young) had left TNA and were headed to NXT.

Roode’s first appearance on WWE television was at NXT Takeover: Dallas where he was a spectator. This fueled the speculation of his NXT arrival, which would happen two months later when he debuted at their tour of UK in June.

Bruce Prichard (aka Brother Love) revealed a lot on the latest episode of his podcast Something To Wrestle With. He revealed the story of why the two-time TNA Heavyweight Champion left the company he made his name with. So Bruce Prichard, being the then-talent of relations for TNA was in charge of negotiating contracts.

During the time when Roode’s contract was set to expire, Prichard claimed that there was a one-year rollover option that TNA could have used if they wanted to. This deal would allow them to keep Roode under contract for a full year at the very same price without having to renegotiate. 

So Prichard claimed that he signed the rollover more than one and a half months before the contract expired, and even emailed and sent the physical copy to Roode. Around 3 days before his contract was up, Roode called Prichard asking what the status of his contract was.

When Prichard claimed that he had signed the rollover and had them send it to him, Roode insisted that he had not received it. 

When Prichard asked an assistant regarding the rollover and whether she had sent it, she insisted she did. When he asked for a copy of the airbill in order to find out who signed and received it, she said that no air bill was ever obtained.

At the weekend of a PPV, Prichard spent the entire time negotiating Roode’s contract and said that they ended up paying him far more than they would have if the rollover was simply sent. Apparently, someone backstage felt that Roode wasn’t necessary and that they could renegotiate and keep him at a lower rate.

The issue, Prichard said, was that Roode was a key player in some of their upcoming storylines, therefore being worth every penny they were paying him. 

Bruce said that even though he signed the rollover, someone in the office was instructed not to send it out. Bruce implied that it was someone in accounting in Dallas(who he hinted earlier in the show to be Janice Carter).

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