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TNA News: Drew Galloway reveals how he signed with TNA

The former WWE Intercontinental Champion reveals how a former WWE star helped in the process.

Drew Galloway
Drew Galloway was signed with WWE from 2007 to 2014

Former WWE and current TNA star Drew Galloway recently appeared on 'Vince Russo's The Brand” podcast where he talked about TNA, Kurt angle and more. Below are some of the highlights from the interview:

Speaking about his first interaction with TNA following his WWE Departure, Drew said that he got a text from ECW Legend Tommy Dreamer who was working with TNA at the time saying that TNA officials wanted to talk to him:

"Tommy Dreamer texted me saying, hey Drew, if you don’t mind, answer your phone, TNA would like to talk to you. So I was like, ok Tommy, I will speak with them, but I have no intention of being on television, it’s been about 6-7 months. I was back on the Indy’s. Things were going really well, I reinvented myself and started to become a name on the Indy’s, which was my goal, to stay out of the TV light and the spotlight, and reinvent myself in the underground; I know this business, so this is what I wanted to do"

Revealing how he finally signed with TNA despite wanting to stay away from TV, Galloway said that they allowed him to be himself and that's how it all started:

I said that I will speak to Tommy. He knew me from my time in WWE; he said that he will not take no for an answer, he wants to give me a shot, and I will let you be yourself; I asked if it was ok that I can be Drew Galloway, he said, yes you can. I said that I did not want to be scripted word for word on television, and everything I said he stuck by and said that they wanted me to debut in Manchester [England] on a Friday I think it was, I said ok, if you are really going to listen to my opinion, have me debut as a babyface, so he spoke with whoever he was going to speak to and that was when it began."

Praising the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle, who Galloway got to work with before Angle was released from the company back in March this year, the former WWE star said that there is nobody like him:

"Kurt was the man. Nobody like Kurt Angle. I can say that he is the fastest guy to jump from one sport from amateur wrestling to the main spotlight. Nobody evolved the way he did. Aside the fact that he is so believable, so good in the ring, there is nobody like a Kurt Angle. Aside from all of that, he is the most passionate-driven guy ever. No matter how many people think I work hard and am passionate and push myself, there is nobody like Kurt Angle."

Along with this, Drew Galloway also talked about working on the independent circuit, his time in WWE and more.

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