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TNA News: Former TNA President Billy Corgan in talks with ROH

We can expect the storylines and characters of ROH wrestlers to get a new creative direction soon.

Will Billy Corgan’s creative mind help ROH? 

As per Allwrestlingnews.com, former TNA President and American musician Billy Corgan and former TNA head writer Dave Lagana met with ROH officials three weeks ago in Baltimore, MD. Though there is no confirmation as to what the meeting was about.

Billy Corgan joined Total Nonstop Wrestling in 2015 and became the president of the company in August 2016. But by November 2016, the relationship between Corgan and TNA management became strained and he soon left TNA. Corgan followed it by filing lawsuits against TNA for gross misconduct.

The fact that Corgan had loaned some money to TNA and the company had failed to pay him back on time also factored into the strained relationship.

Recently, Corgan and Anthem Sports & Entertainment reached an agreement to drop the lawsuit against TNA, with Anthem paying back TNA’s loan to Corgan. After that, Corgan expressed his interest to continue being in the business.

If the reports are to be believed, we can soon expect Billy Corgan to start working with ROH.

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It is well-known that ROH is currently looking for experienced veterans like Billy Corgan and Dave Lagana and it comes as little surprise to those in the industry considering the tough competition ROH is currently facing from the WWE for keeping its talents. 

Corgan was all praises for Dave Lagana in a recent interview:

Corgan is best known for being the lead singer, guitarist, and sole permanent member of The Smashing Pumpkins band.

Corgan was initially hired by TNA as Senior Producer for Creative and Talent Development, whose job was to develop characters and create storylines. It is not a stretch to understand that ROH is also looking to hire Corgan for these very talents.

Here’s a clip from Billy Corgan’s time with TNA:

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