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TNA News: Jeff Jarrett being primed to run Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling no longer goes by the name of TNA.

Anthem brought Jarrett in to run TNA Wrestling

What’s the story?

According to AllWrestlingNews.com, Impact Wrestling no longer goes by the name of ‘TNA’, and Anthem Sports is expected to make more of these changes as it continues to take over the company.

According to the report the reason Anthem initially brought in Jarrett and Dutch Mantell is their experience with the company. It was important to see how the company would become profitable, considering all the negative press the company has received over the years. The idea is to have Jeff Jarrett primed in order to run the company. 

In case you didn’t know: 

Impact Wrestling has brought in the likes of Jeff Jarrett and Dutch Mantell as the Consultants during its last set of tapings. Jarrett, along with his father Jerry, founded TNA Wrestling in 2002, which was later sold to Panda Energy and Dixie Carter later that year.

Jarrett remained as an investor with the company after he officially resigned from the company back in 2014.

Jeff Jarrett is the founder of TNA Wrestling

The heart of the matter

TNA’s newest owners, Anthem Sports, had decided to hire back Jeff Jarrett along with Dutch Mantell to be part of the creative process for Impact Wrestling, even though Jarrett is still majority owner of Global Force Wrestling currently. 

What’s next?

As of this writing, there are no reports yet of Jarrett officially taking over the company, but according to reports by AllWrestlingNews.com, it is noted that Anthem Sports will be appointing someone to run the company as soon as the next tapings.

Sportskeeda’s take

Jeff Jarrett and Dutch Mantell should not run Impact Wrestling. While they are both filled with a lot of experience, the company needs a new face to run the show rather than an old one that didn’t help the company reach to the level it was originally intended to.

Both have a vast majority of knowledge of the wrestling business, however, their roles should have been nothing more than that of consultants. It will be interesting to see what transpires between now and during the next television tapings.

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