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WWE/TNA News: Jim Ross on the current TNA situation

Rohit Nath
663   //    31 Oct 2016, 06:03 IST
Good Ol’ JR does believe that

TNA has been insuch a mess over the course of the last few months, there has been no positive news about the company from their end either.

The lack of funds and lawsuit with Billy Corgan has caused a ruckus, and the revealing of the lawsuit details have only confirmed several rumours, which have now turned into facts. WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross, in his blog, gave the following answer when asked if TNA could be fixed:

The answer to that question is, ‘absolutely’ but only if the brand is blown up, restarted, renamed, and by finding a more viable TV network/partner on which to air their show.

Then TNA, or its successor, needs a small, tight-knit, agenda-less team to plan long term, present a reality-based, athletic product featuring as many qualified, younger and fresher talents as they can afford.” 

JR mentioned how the brand name had been devalued and abused, and how that is something regrettable. He then elaborated on the rebranding of TNA

Make no mistake about it, TNA, under a new name and a fresh management approach, can regain some level of footing within the marketplace but new management, if that’s the case, must have a realistic plan and the funds to reach their goals which will only come in time.

Many have agreed that the best solution for TNA altogether is to rebrand and go under a new name.

It was rumoured that Corgan, if he does finally get full control over TNA, plans to rebrand and take it forward under a new name. It is believed that the backstage talent hopes that Corgan takes over.

Right now, as mentioned above, Corgan is currently filing a lawsuit against TNA and the final verdict is expected to come on Monday. Corgan himself stated on Twitter that he was pleased with how the court proceedings went in Nashville.

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However, according to journalists who were present during the trial, if Corgan does not win the case, then he could not only be ousted as TNA president, but he might also not be returned the money that he had loaned to the promotion. There were also some contract disputes and legal issues with the contract that he had signed.

Another huge issue Corgan had was the fact that he was not being told everything like he should have, given that he was the president. However, Dixie Carter in her appeal stated that Corgan was trying to further his own agenda rather than help the company.

Who do you believe will win the lawsuit in the Corgan vs Carter case?

Here is Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter on the whole lawsuit situation:

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