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Impact Wrestling (TNA) Rumors: Jim Ross to announce for Impact Wrestling?

Could Good Ol' JR soon be the voice of Impact Wrestling?!?!

Rumors 03 Mar 2017, 19:59 IST
TNA could strike gold with this pick-up!

What's the story?

Several rumours are swirling about WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross possibly coming to TNA to become the new announcer. Ringside News has reported that Good Ol’ J.R. is the likely candidate for the job, based primarily on a recent tweet in which J.R. teased about a possible return.

In case you didn't know...

TNA is undergoing a massive amount of significant changes. With top stars such as Drew Galloway and the Hardy's departing the company, Jeff Jarrett is scrambling to make adjustments to attempt to point the company in a safe direction for the future. 

Adding Jim Ross to the fold would be a huge addition to the TNA team.

The heart of the matter

The tweet that was referenced doesn't go into much detail and it's also worth noting that Jim Ross has always wanted to see TNA succeed, so it’s not really a surprise to see him vocalising his support. However, the speculation surrounding Josh Mathews and The Pope being on the hot seat is something that has been ongoing for some time now. Jim Ross could be a quick, secure and reliable fix if, in fact, the current broadcast team is in limbo. Also, Jeremy Borash did mention at last night's Impact tapings in Orlando, that  “major changes are coming.” 

What's next?

Now we wait. But, this could be a situation where the answers come sooner, rather than later. Jarrett and his team want to move quickly, in order to stop the current bleeding. While TNA has weathered storms in the past, they have yet to see something like what they’re facing now. 

Sportskeeda’s take

Jim Ross is by far the most respected name in the announcing world. At 65 years old, the Hall of Fame announcer has a lot of good miles left under that cowboy hat. TNA could certainly benefit from having someone as well known and respected as Jim Ross at ringside. TNA is in a very pivotal point in the history of their company if the right moves are made, we could look back at this period of time as a point when the ship was sailed in the right direction, or tragically sent off in the wrong direction.

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