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TNA News: Yet another lawsuit filed against TNA

Rohit Nath
3.95K   //    03 Nov 2016, 18:35 IST
The trouble keeps spewing in the Impact Zone

The moment there is a slight lull in the news, about TNA, something new has to come up. It was revealed on Monday that Billy Corgan lost the lawsuit against TNA. Now, there is another lawsuit that has come to haunt TNA. This time it comes in the form of the company that handles the design, import, and export of their merchandise for ShopTNA.

The lawsuit dates back to June. However, issues with the court’s legal online system made it difficult to find. The creditor, Fraley International, in their complaint, stated:

TNA has contracted at various times with Fraley, for Fraley to design and order various merchandise for TNA, including, but not limited to, t-shirts, cups, and sunglasses.” 

They design, source, and order the merchandise, having it shipped directly to TNA from foreign suppliers and covering all costs. They are not reimbursed until TNA pays them after receiving the order.

This arrangement started to fall apart in September 2015, when TNA stopped paying Fraley. This went on for 23 straight orders until the relationship completely fell apart after TNA never paid for a December 22nd, 2015 order.

Fraley insisted that TNA accepted the merchandise without objection or complaint, and to add to that, the merchandise was in good working order and was consistent with TNA’s order. 

The list of orders and money owed
The last amount owed

Here are a list of TNA’s creditors:

Audience of One Productions
Aroluxe Media
Anthem Sports and Entertainment
The State of Tennessee
Multiple wrestlers who have not been paid fully
American Express Travel Related Services Company 
Fraley International
Billy Corgan

$43,348.70 is the total amount owed to Fraley International. Their lawsuit was filed in the same court as Billy Corgan’s lawsuit was. This lawsuit dates back to June.

Here is Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Dave Meltzer talk about the lawsuit situation (this was before the latest development and is dated 24th October):

Here is Jim Cornette giving his blunt take on the situation (WARNING: Profanity):

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