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TNA President Billy Corgan is reportedly suing the company, files restraining order

Is this the beginning of the end of TNA?

Billy Corgan having major power struggle with Dixie Carter
Billy Corgan having major power struggle with Dixie Carter

For many years now, there have been rumors of TNA dissolving as a company. Despite these rumors, the company has been able to stay above water and stay afloat. Most reports over the years state that there has been a constant power struggle of who would be majority owner of the company. Simply put, Carter just did not want to lose majority ownership, even if it would have benefited the company more than her ego. 

Seemingly, TNA was able to smooth things out, at least for the time being, when they acquired Smashing Pumpkins rock star and former Resistance Pro Wrestling owner Billy Corgan. Using Corgan’s mind for a more theatrical presentation, characters such as “Broken” Matt Hardy, Brother Nero, and Decay have been some of the most popular names in the company, and have conributed in reviving some interest from a fan’s perspective. Even with this mild success, there still seems to be quite a bit of tension.

Four names that make Impact Wrestling entertaining
Four names that make Impact Wrestling entertaining

According to TMZ, Billy Corgan has decided to sue the same company that he was just named President of two months ago today. This appears to stem from the recent reports of him having some serious backstage tension with Carter throughout the Bound for Glory event and subsequent tapings. There is obviously a power struggle going on between the two leaders of the company, and neither are willing to concede. To make matters worse, Corgan has filed a temporary restraining order towards Carter, which was granted to him. 

Regarding details and filing information, it has been kept secret and have been refrained, and the case documentation has not been made public yet. 

There have been a list of rumors going around concerning the state of TNA. A couple of weeks ago, before the Bound for Glory pay per view, TNA talent were even skeptical on whether they would appear on the card, or if the event would happen at all. Fortunately, the event went as planned, and the next set of tapings were being prepared. Reports also surfaced that an unknown investor forwarded the money for their last set of tapings. This could also be a source of tension, with Corgan potentially being left out of the loop.

The hill for TNA to climb in order to remain an on-air company is getting steeper by the minute. With top executives battling inside the company, the power struggle is causing the 14-year-old organization to implode before our very eyes. With the remains of the company possibly en route to being scattered, it may be a good idea after all for WWE to purchase the library, in order to bring some light out of this dark moment in the company’s tenure.

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