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TNA Rumors: Zeb Coulter and Jeff Jarrett possibly returning to TNA

TNA is under new management, but could they be bringing back some of the original creative team?

Could these two men be returning to TNA Impact Wrestling?

What’s the story?

Following the news that Anthem Sports and Entertainment Corporation acquired TNA Impact Wrestling, rumours have been reported of former TNA employees possibly returning to the product.

Cage Side Seats reports that there have been ongoing talks with former TNA owner Jeff Jarrett about returning to TNA as a member of the creative team and now Dutch Mantell (Zeb Coulter) is being pursued for the same purpose.

In case you didn’t know...

Anthem Sports are the owners of the Fight Network, the 24/7 combat sports TV channel. They originally were minority owners of the company until Wednesday when Anthem Sports released a press release detailing the transaction.

Toronto, Canada (January 4, 2017) – Anthem Sports & Entertainment Corp. today announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire a majority interest in TNA IMPACT Wrestling, and has formed Anthem Wrestling Exhibitions, LLC. Anthem also owns Fight Network, the world’s premier 24/7 multi-platform channel dedicated to complete coverage of combat sports, which is IMPACT Wrestling’s exclusive broadcast partner in Canada and worldwide digital partner.

The press release also revealed that Dixie Carter will remain a minority equity stakeholder. Carter was quoted in the press release saying Anthem Sports has been a great partner over the years and that she’s excited about her new role.

The heart of the matter

Mantell and Jarrett were both part of TNA’s creative team during their time until their departures from the company.

Bringing back Jarrett and Mantell is a move both fans and wrestlers have been in support of for years. Their booking and mindset for wrestling has been viewed by many as the reason TNA went as far as it has, prior to their departures.

What’s Next?

With TNA under the control of someone other than Carter, Mantell and Jarrett will probably have little to no problems returning to the company if they choose to. They have a history of interesting and creative storylines, so there’s little to no doubt that their return will only add to the creative team’s effectiveness.

Sportskeeda’s Take

Mantell and Jarrett are widely considered some of the smartest people in terms of the wrestling business and there’s little to nothing that proves otherwise. Mantell is credited by members of TNA’s creative team for building up the Knockouts to the height of their popularity, as well as the buildup and execution of the MMA style bout between former wrestlers Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe.

Meanwhile, Jarrett had been involved with TNA’s creative team since its founding to his departure in 2014 and was responsible for TNA reaching the height of its popularity.

TNA is currently being praised primarily for the antics of Matt and Jeff Hardy with their “Broken” gimmick, so the rest of the show could benefit from a different creative input.

If TNA’s creative team can acquire the services of Mantell and Jarrett and work on improving the overall show, then the promotion may be able to decrease the damage that was done to them with years of dumb booking and Vince Russo.

Tweet Speak

TNA retweeted the tweet from the Fight Network which contained a link to the press release from Anthem Sports.

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