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TNA Rumors: Drew Galloway to leave TNA in February

Looks like another former TNA World Champion is on his way to out of the company.

Drew Galloway
Drew Galloway is the current WCPW World Champion

TNA has lost a large part of its main event roster in the past couple of years with most of these TNA veterans finding a spot at WWE locker room. Now it looks like another TNA star is looking to say goodbye to the company.

If the reports from Wrestling Observer Newsletter are to be believed, the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway could be the next talent to make his way out of TNA soon.

According to the site, Galloway's TNA contract is set to be expired in February next year. While it has been reported that the officials offered him a new contract of $200,000 per year, the former WWE star has said to have turned down that deal already.

The reason behind Drew's move is widely believed to be his independent career. The reports state that the contract offered to the former TNA Champion was an exclusive one, and if he had signed it, all his independent bookings would have to go through TNA’s office.

Since the former Intercontinental Champion has a busy independent schedule, he reportedly thought it was better to say no to the exclusive contract. The fact that NJPW avoids using talents who have an active contract with TNA, also allegedly helped in making this decision

Once considered a promising talent, Drew Galloway (then known as Drew McIntyre) was released by WWE back in June 2014, after spending a couple of years as a part of the jobber's group, 3MB.

He later signed a contract with TNA and made his TNA debut back in January 2015. Since then, he has become one of the mainstays for the company, while also becoming a one-time TNA World Heavyweight Champion earlier this year. You can watch the clip of him winning the TNA World Championship below:

While there is still time between now and February, and there are chances of the two parties reaching an agreement before Drew's contract expires, it looks highly unlikely that Galloway will compromise his independent career to stay with TNA due to the rich history of the company's financial troubles now and then.

Although, given the fact that he is one of the hottest talents in the independent circuit currently, it doesn't look like not having a steady contract will affect Drew Galloway much.

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