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TNA Rumors: TNA purchased by Anthem Sports and Entertainment

Dixie Carter will reportedly no longer hold power in the company.

Dixie Carter - Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer of TNA
Is Dixie Carter might be finally done with TNA

There are rumours that Anthem Sports and Entertainment has officially purchased TNA and its parent company Impact Ventures LLC from Dixie Carter. According to Pwinsider.com, an official announcement about the same will be made within 24 hours.

Carter's role under new ownership is subject to a lot of speculation, particularly with regard to her further involvement.

Rumour has it that with this deal, Carter will not hold any more power in the company. Instead, Ed Nordholm of Anthem will be the new person in charge. In spite of the numerous takeover attempts made by other strong figures in the company, Carter somehow managed to be on top, forestalling Billy Corgan's efforts to do the same.

The slow collapse of TNA has been noticed by all and for the company to survive, a takeover was rather essential. The company faced financial crisis earlier this year, in the month of June which brought it to the verge of being shut down.

The business head of TNA, Dean Broadhead took to social media to express that he has been working to secure the financing of the company, which can be enough for the production trucks to roll in. 

New owners could save the company from crumbling even further. Ed Nordholm is reportedly highly business-oriented and must certainly be eyeing the growth of this venture. Several talents from TNA have spoken of him favourably on the record.

Another question which will garner attention is the involvement of Dixie Carter with the promotion. With the chances of her being on the top again highly unlikely, will we see her involved in the show in any manner? We eagerly await the announcement as the impact of this deal will be interesting to watch and will no doubt have an impact on the show itself. 

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