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TNA/WWE News: Drew Galloway reveals his contract with TNA is expiring soon and that he is considering new options

Galloway refuses to name anyone he is in talks with.

Drew Galloway in the ring
Drew Galloway's contract with TNA expires in mid-February

Drew Galloway disclosed his contract status with TNA when he appeared on The Dirty Sheets Podcast. Mentioning his contract with TNA, he stated that it ends mid-February next year. This implies that his appearances on the show in January could be his last few.

Galloway was a part of WWE in 2006-07 by the name Drew McIntyre, making his debut in SmackDown. In 2014, he became a part of TNA and since then he has been a part of Evolve, ICW, Pro Wrestling Guerilla and Independent Circuit simultaneously. 

Here is what the former TNA World Champion said:

“We are talking and trying to figure things out. I would be lying if I said that there weren't any offers there that I really have to think about. I have to consider my future and my family's future.” 

In reference to his injury, he also stated that he is only 31 but he was definitely frightened after being injured. He was unable to take part in the Grand Championship owing to it.

When asked if there were any talks between him and 'someone with three H's in his name', he refused to name anyone he is in talks with. According to him, abiding by the terms of his contract with certain people, he cannot reveal the details.

However, he is hoping for everything to work out in the way he wants.

“Every company including TNA has done so much for me, we just have to speak and work things out so that it works out for everybody.”

His comments have opened doors to the speculations of his possible return to the WWE Universe. Only the time will reveal what is in store for this wrestler.

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