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Tommaso Ciampa: Johnny Gargano and I make magic together [Exclusive]

  • The former NXT Champions are bonded by a will to be the best.
Rick Ucchino
Modified 13 Mar 2020, 04:50 IST

The Psycho Killer says he and Johnny Gargano have unbelievable chemistry
The Psycho Killer says he and Johnny Gargano have unbelievable chemistry

We still don't know why Johnny Gargano cost Tommaso Ciampa the NXT Championship at TakeOver Portland. Gargano knows why. Ciampa knows why. The fans were supposed to find out why during Wednesday's show. There was no explanation given, but there was a massive brawl that broke out between the two Superstars.

The two men battled all over the WWE Performance Center to close out the show. It ended with a long fall through a table for the former tag team partners. Just another magical moment for Ciampa and Gargano as their rivalry has somehow reached new heights.

We are now left to wait another week to discover the motivating factor behind Johnny Wrestling's actions. What we do know is that this program is getting good fast, and has a chance to end in one of the greatest blow off matches in NXT history. If it ever ends.

I had the opportunity to chat with Tommaso Ciampa during a Live Event in Columbus, OH last week. The former NXT Champion says that himself and Gargano are just tied together by an a nearly indescribable chemistry. We covered a wide range of topics including his run-in with The Undertaker on an episode of SmackDown in 2005 and the Wednesday Night Wars.

"We have that, that strange Triple H Shawn Michaels connection of anytime were on screen together, we feel it. Like there's this energy. You know it's uh... you can't put your finger on it type of thing, but there's magic there. I think we're both well aware of it."

Ciampa says no matter the circumstances, he and Gargano just work well together. They have undeniable magic as a tag team, and when they are opposed to one another it's some how even better. They bring out the best in one another.

"I think we're very competitive. I think that's what it really comes down to. Whether it's dieting, or training on the road, or just getting in there and performing in front of people at TakeOvers, or television, or live events. We're very competitive and it's an unspoken, 'I'm going to out perform you, and I think that's what made our feud pretty magical."

Even as members of DIY they were constantly trying to out perform one another. Whether it's outselling one another, being more physical, or being the better technical wrestler, when Ciampa and Gargano are in the ring at the same time they are out to prove one thing, that they are the face of NXT.

Ciampa believes that is the driving force behind the current beef between both superstars. He admitted that when the fans chant "Johnny Wrestling" it bothers him a little bit, and believes when the chants of "Daddy's Home" start it has the same affect on Gargano. The Blackheart of the Black and Gold brand says there is only one place for this feud to culminate, and alluded that a one on one match at NXT TakeOver Tampa is on the horizon.

Published 12 Mar 2020, 08:01 IST
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