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Tommy Dreamer targets fans watching his PPVs illegally

2.19K   //    09 Mar 2015, 09:40 IST
ECW original upset over piracy

Former WWE star Tommy Dreamer who runs the House of Hardcore independent promotion took to Facebook this week to discuss his battle with fans illegally watching his iPPVs for free.

He explained that he has gotten lawyers involved, but not much can be done because most of the illegal content is hosted in countries outside of US’s legal reach and that do not have copyright laws. He did however, warn fans that he’s learned these sites sell their personal details to hackers and spammer, and also distribute viruses to them through the websites.

Dreamer says he knows most people ignore those piracy warnings before DVDs, but says there ARE real victims of piracy and posted an image of his family. He calculated that over 66,000 people illegally watched one of his events, and if all of those people had paid it would have changed his life.

“That changes the landscape of the wrestling buisness. I have a huge long range plan for wrestlers & wrestling fans. With that money it happens and that was just on 1 torrent site,” he explained.

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