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Top 10 Matches of The Miz

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#9 The Miz vs. Randy Orton (MITB Cash-In) - RAW 11/22/2010

The Miz wins the WWE Championship over The Apex Predator!

The Miz entered the arena just moments after Randy Orton defeated Wade Barrett to retain the WWE Championship. Nexus had already injured Orton’s leg, so after a leg injury and the title match, it seemed like a no-brainer that Miz was going to win. And he did just that.

It was insanely brave for Miz to cash the contract in the way he did, too. Even though Orton was hurting and just competed in a match, he was already standing and had a little bit of time to breathe.

The match against Barrett was also just a standard one-on-one match that was less than 10 minutes long. Generally cash-ins have happened when the champion is in a much more prone position and after a far more grueling match. Miz deserves at least a bit of credit for that.

The match lasted just under 3 minutes and featured a crowd in Orlando that was going insane. Orton was a very popular babyface, so every time it looked like he had a chance to survive, the audience reacted uproariously.

Sadly for them, The Miz was able to continue to exploit Orton’s already injured leg. He countered the RKO into his signature Skull Crushing Finale and became WWE Champion for the first (and thus far only) time.

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