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Top 10 moments of WWE Attitude Era

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The best era of wrestling
The best era of wrestling

The past is a strange thing. It is an entity that can’t be changed and, practically, has no part in the present. And yet, it is so very important. For some, pasts are a source of regret for what could have been. For others, it is a lesson to not repeat the mistakes that had grave repercussions.

And for some others, it is a vault that, when opened, brings about a lot of nostalgic joy to people. Sometimes when you are randomly walking down the street, you suddenly illuminate the world around you with a smile out of nowhere.

While the people may be confused as to what happened, you know what it is: a bright memory from the days of yore.

In the WWE Universe, the past is perhaps the best place. It is a place where the likes of The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin came week-in and week-out to entertain fans with wrestling and mic skills.

The Attitude Era. Ah, the good ol’ days. Perhaps the best of days. Back then, WWE was at a pinnacle due to the entertainers they had in their roster. They did just about everything and it had just about everything.

And so, we reminisce the top 10 best moments from that era…

#10 Stone Cold Stunner on McMahon

The feud between Stone Cold Steve Austin and WWE chairman Vince McMahon defined the Attitude Era. It was perhaps the most important and greatest feud of the time and is still fondly remembered by many.

The commercial success of this feud was regarded by many as the driving force that kept WWF (which is now known as WWE) alive. It all began when Vince McMahon, who was a kayfabe commentator at the time, revealed that he didn’t want Austin to become the champion at WrestleMania XIV.

McMahon went to great lengths to ensure this and hired Mike Tyson to officiate the WrestleMania XIV main event match between Austin and Shawn Michaels. Tyson, however, betrayed McMahon and made the count for Austin.

After that, McMahon handed the belt to Austin and asked him to tone down his behavior. Austin’s response? A Stone Cold Stunner!

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