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Top 10 most embarrassing WWE moments of the past 5 years

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14.52K   //    06 Dec 2018, 15:54 IST

#8 Bayley, This Is Your Life 


Often cited as the highest rated individual moment in the history of professional wrestling, 1999’s The Rock, This Is Your Life sequence was viewed by millions of people. In fact, it is said to have received a staggering 8.4 rating. With that in mind, any attempt to recreate the magic of this 1999 moment would automatically be swimming upstream.

Yet, somehow the WWE creative team thought it was a good idea to put Alexa Bliss and Bayley in the unenviable position to follow in the footsteps of Mankind and The Rock. Predictably falling way short of comparisons to its predecessor, the Bayley, This Is Your Life segment was so bad that it even paled in comparison to most of the WWE’s recent lowlights.

Dependent on a trio of unknown actors that were cast as figures from Bayley’s past, these performers likely wish they never agreed to appear during this 12-minute long segment. Worst yet, the so-called jokes all missed the mark, the whole segment went nowhere, and seeing two of the actors kiss onscreen was quite offputting. In fact, the only highlight was when Booker T on commentary interceeded to say “this is hard to watch”. WWE fans couldn’t agree with Booker more at that moment.