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Top 10 overrated performers in WWE: Number 5

Modified 28 Oct 2013, 12:27 IST
Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash

Today, we finally break into the top 5 of the most overrated performers in the history of the WWE. The ride gets a bit rocky from here, as people will have different perspectives about the list. When we initially started the series, we considered various aspects of the performers, and not just the number of title runs. Considering the number of championship runs in a scripted sport is like giving props to heroes in Hollywood movies for fending off the bad guys, the main criteria were/are the work ethic, the work rate, the in–ring psychology, their in–ring skills and last but not least, their overall presentation. From working the microphone to connecting with the audience, there are various things that were considered when we made the list.

As we get to the top 5 in our list, we get to name the real who’s who of professional wrestling. Today, we get to look back at one of the most powerful individuals in the 90s, a guy who started a revolution in professional wrestling, but believed too much in his own hype. Not only was he one of the most influential individuals of the 90s, he was also one of the longest reigning WWF/E champions in the history of the company. Criticized by a huge number of the wrestling fanbase and wrestling pundits, almost everyone agrees that he got the bigger bite of the apple, something which shouldn’t have happened. He was also one of the major reasons for the demise of one of the most loved wrestling organizations in history. He is none other than “Big Daddy Cool”, Diesel aka Kevin Nash.

Nash started his career in the WCW as “Oz” and was later repackaged as Vinnie Vegas, but was soon hired by the WWF as Vince McMahon believed WCW didn’t know how to use a guy of Nash’s size. It was in the WWF that Nash achieved his initial fame and success, as he was paired with Shawn Michaels as his body guard. With Michaels, Nash won the WWF Tag Team championships and also held the prestigious WWF Intercontinental championship at the same time, making him a double champion. Later, Nash turned face when he started his feud against Shawn Michaels, and was given the WWF championship when he defeated Bob Backlund.

Nash had a long run as the WWF champion, but the gates and revenues continued to drop during his run as the champion. Nash finally dropped the WWF championship, and then left the WWF for WCW in ’96. It was then that, along with Scott Hall and Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash started something that revolutionized professional wrestling – The New World Order. This angle not only kick started one of the most iconic periods in pro wrestling, but also led to WCW beating the WWF in the ratings for 84 straight weeks! But it was after this that things went south, as Nash, Hall and Hogan went on a power trip which backfired, and were directly responsible for the demise of WCW.

Kevin Nash was also responsible for many wrestlers leaving the organization, as he termed them “Vanilla midgets” – Those who could put on a great wrestling match but were “too small” and lacked in other departments. Kevin Nash was also notorious for holding back talents, and putting himself over along with his friends. Nash made a few appearances in the WWE after WCW folded, but it was obvious that Vince had moved on, and wasn’t interested in keeping Nash. Nash then went to TNA for a while, and took his “Small guys have no business in wrestling” attitude with him, which received a lot of negative criticism.

Kevin Nash won’t be remembered for being an incredible athlete, or for putting on 5 star matches. Nash won’t be remembered for putting talents over, or for his friendly attitude backstage, or for being liked by other wrestlers. Nash was a part of some of the most interesting and revolutionary angles, and that’s about all the positive accomplishments Nash has achieved in the business.

Although Nash was a multiple time WCW champion, he booked himself to win the title, and to bury the other smaller, more gifted “vanilla midgets”. This puts Nash in our top 5 list of the most overrated performers in the history of WWE.

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Published 27 Oct 2013, 11:44 IST
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