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Top 10 Stone Cold Steve Austin quotes

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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 09:40 IST
Steve Austin might be the greatest promo of all-time

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin is widely considered the greatest wrestling Superstar of all time. His meteoric rise to superstardom was the catalyst in WWE defeating WCW in the Monday Night Wars and in creating one of the most financially-lucrative periods in the company’s history in the form of the Attitude Era. Indeed, WWE wouldn’t have been as popular or successful without Austin.

‘Stone Cold’ became so popular for a multitude of reasons. His anti-hero antics and perpetual war with Mr McMahon resonated with audiences more than ever before. Many wrestling fans saw Austin as their hero because he did what many of them wished they could do: fight against an overbearing and abusive boss and enjoy a fleeting moment of joy in an otherwise difficult life.

A big part of Austin’s appeal was his promos and catchphrases. He entertained audiences through his badass persona and his menacing attitude. This was a guy that wasn’t afraid to say what was on his mind and push the envelope with aggressive and realistic promos.

Even though some other wrestlers have been better than Austin on the microphone (The Rock, for example), Austin is still one of WWE’s most recognizable wordsmiths. Here are the ten greatest Stone Cold Steve Austin quotes of all time.

#10 “You put an ‘S’ in front of the ‘H’ in ‘Hitman’ and you’ll have my exact opinion of Bret Hart”

This was one of the first times WWE really pushed the envelope with curse words and suggestive languages. While WWE still didn’t use curse words as liberally as they did by 1999 and as much as they do now, they still made suggestions and used creative loopholes to get such aggressive languages on the air.

Austin spoke this line in the build-up to an eventual match with Bret Hart and used Hart’s own nickname and catchphrases against him. These lines made Austin sound like a more daring fighter that wasn’t afraid to blur the lines and speak his mind when discussing his opponents.

Although he had many promos that were better than this one, this was still one of those times when an Austin promo sounded natural, realistic, and exciting.

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Published 06 Sep 2017, 12:02 IST
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