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Top 10 underrated performers in WWE: Number 10

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In professional wrestling, often at times you don’t get enough credit for the sacrifices you make. All the performers and superstars leave their families and friends behind, working hurt every day to make sure the fans get their money’s worth.

Professional wrestling is unrelenting, and can deprive you of everything once you fall out of love with it. These performers can’t do anything else, as they spend a major part of their life honing the craft and perfecting their skills.

Saying so, professional wrestling has seen its fair share of performers who never got their due in the business. Every generation has those few wrestlers who play second fiddle, even after being some of the most talented individuals to get mainstream attention.

Every promotion had those exceptional wrestlers, who couldn’t make it big because they were either too ‘bland’ or not too good on the mic. Although there were those who were charismatic and were good talkers, they were pushed aside for the more ‘marketable’ people.

In this series, we look at ten such performers who were grossly under rated due to various reasons.

WWF Wrestlemania X8

Razor Ramon

Today, we start from number 10. He was someone who oozed charisma, and was loved by the entire industry. When he got his big break in the then WWF, he created shockwaves, making a name for himself in the wrestling industry.

He was immediately pushed, and the fans gave their nod to make him one of WWF’s biggest stars. He was also involved in one of the best ladder matches of the 90s, taking on Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 10. He is none other than the original bad guy of professional wrestling, Razor Ramon a.k.a Scott Hall.

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