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Top 10 WWE Botches of this month (November 2018)

Kartik Arry
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November 2018 has had its fair share of contrasting botches
November 2018 has had its fair share of contrasting botches

From Crown Jewel to Survivor Series, November 2018 has surely been one of the most polarizing months for WWE fans.

With that being said, it comes off as no surprise that with all the highs and lows combined, there are several botches that had caught some attention of the WWE Universe since then.

Before we begin, keep in mind that the list will include booking decision fails, in-ring botches or mishaps, as well as unexpected embarrassing sequences.

Let's get right into the Top 10 WWE Botches of November 2018...

#10: Lana poorly fakes her punches against Dana Brooke during SmackDown invasion of RAW (RAW, Nov. 12)

Lana number one?
Lana number one?

Fans have been critical of Lana's in-ring skills for a long time. However, conversations on Social Media took this agenda one step further. During SmackDown Live's invasion of RAW just before Survivor Series this month, brawls erupted all over the place.

Therefore, it was hard to keep track of the chaos. However, one fan sitting in the front-row seats captured a video showing Lana deliberately faking her strikes against Dana Brooke near ringside. The video was posted on Twitter as seen below:

The reason behind why this particular botch is ranked so low on this list despite the video posted above is that things started to make more sense after Lana's explanation for this incident:


Even if Lana gave a reasonable explanation behind this botch, one could easily argue that there are times when front-row seats can take an audience member out of the 'kayfabe' sphere of things due to botches like this.

#9: A Hip Attack without any contact? (SmackDown Live, Nov. 20)

The Golden Goddess can botch too!
The Golden Goddess can botch too!

On the November 21st edition of SmackDown Live, Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville faced Asuka & Naomi in a tag-team match.

During one particular instance, (as seen in the picture above) Asuka & Naomi went for a double hip-attack against Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose on the ring apron.

While Naomi did make contact with Sonya's torso, it was clearly visible that Mandy Rose jumped off the apron before Asuka could make any contact during the move. Moreover, the camera was positioned in such a manner that Mandy's botch was unintentionally made to look like the main focus of this entire shot. 

Unlike the previous entry on this list, there has to be no other explanation here other than poor timing and improper execution. While botches are inevitable in this line of business, they always serve as a distraction for a fan who wholly invests into a fictional story.

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