Top 10 WWE Superstars who have never won Money in the Bank

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There are a number of big names who have never held the briefcase despite competing in the high-octane match 

With the conclusion of WWE Money in the Bank 2017, we have seen the twelfth consecutive year that the illustrious Money in the Bank Ladder match has made an appearance on WWE’s programming. Baron Corbin and Carmella became the latest to be added to a long line of winners of the coveted Money in the Bank briefcase, although, the latter has since been stripped of the honour.

The list of Money in the Bank Ladder match winners includes some bonafide mega stars such as Edge, CM Punk, and John Cena just to name a few but at the same time, there are a number of big names who have never held the briefcase despite competing in the high octane ladder match multiple times.

Today, we are here to look at and honour those Superstars. So, without any further ado, here is our list of the top 10 WWE superstars to have never won the Money in the Bank Ladder match:

Please note that we have only included those wrestlers who have competed in the Money in the Bank Ladder match at least once so the likes of Triple H and The Undertaker will not be on this list.

#10 Ric Flair – 1 appearance, 0 wins

Ric Flair has actually appeared in the MitB Ladder match

That's right, Ric Flair actually competed in a Money in the Bank Ladder match. The Nature Boy's only appearance was at Wrestlemania 22 back in 2006 – for the second edition of the Ladder match which was won by Rob Van Dam.

It’s absolutely crazy that Flair got through the match despite being 57 years of age at that time. It is a testament to how great the legendary Superstar really was and despite never having a shot at winning the briefcase, he put in a great shift.

#9 Jeff Hardy – 1 appearance, 0 wins

Jeff has surprisingly made only one MitB appearance

It seems hard to believe, but Jeff Hardy has appeared in only one Money in the Bank Ladder match over the course of his career. More than a little strange considering Jeff’s affinity to leap off really really tall things.

The younger Hardy brother made his sole appearance back in the 2007 edition of the match. He does have the “honour” of being cashed in on when CM Punk won the World Title off him in 2009.

#8 Rey Mysterio – 1 appearance, 0 wins

Rey’s only MitB appearance came in 2011

Rey Mysterio’s Money in the Bank career is pretty much a carbon copy of Jeff Hardy’s. The diminutive high-flyer also made only one appearance in the Money in the Bank Ladder match – way back in 2011 – and never managed to win the coveted briefcase.

Mysterio has also been cashed in on when Kane became the first man ever to win the Money in the Bank contract and cash it on the same night in 2010 for the quickest ever cash in.

#7 Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn – 2 appearances, 0 wins

Owens and Zayn have had twin MitB careers!

We’re including Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn as a single entry on this list because – just like in their careers – the two have been pretty damn similar in their Money in the Bank Ladder match efforts.

The two real-life best friends have both made two appearances in the Ladder match – in 2016 and earlier this week in the match won by Corbin – and have been the standout performers in both matches – taking part in some of the most brutal spots of the night.

One would imagine that one – if not both – will be winning the briefcase in the years to come.

#6 Matt Hardy – 4 appearances, 0 wins

Broken or not, Matt has neve won MitB

Matt Hardy – during his Unbroken days in the WWE – made four appearances in the Money in the Bank Ladder match but never managed to capture the briefcase. He competed in 2006, 2007 and twice in 2010 all to no avail despite being one of the masters of the Ladder match, much like his brother, Jeff.

#5 John Morrisson – 2 appearances, 0 wins

How did that face not win MitB?

Wait, just two appearances and yet John Morrison makes it onto the list at number 5? Well, that’s because of what he’s done with the time afforded to him in his two appearances in the Money in the Bank Ladder match.

Competing in the 2008 and 2010 versions, the man now known as Johnny Mundo was responsible for some incredible action where the impact is worth a lot more than the numbers.

#4 Cody Rhodes – 4 appearances, 0 wins

The current Bullet Club member never enjoyed great success in the WWE

The youngest member of the legendary Rhodes wrestling family might have left the WWE now but he had a pretty darn good run in the Money in the Bank ladder matches he was a part of during his stint with the company.

Cody made four consecutive appearances – from 2010 to 2013 – always putting on a great show but never winning the briefcase. One has to wonder if the WWE dropped the ball by not handing the American Nightmare a shot at glory.

Cody stated in a live Q & A that he was told he was going to win the MITB briefcase twice only to be told in the last minute that it wasn’t the direction they were going in.

#3 Christian – 6 appearances, 0 wins

Christian will forever be in Edge’s shadow

One has to feel that Christian got shortchanged with the Money in the Bank Ladder matches considering he has made six appearances with no victories while best friend Edge has two wins in just three appearances.

Captain Charisma always put on a great show but never managed to step out of the shadow of his Hall of Fame inducted best friend to capture the briefcase for himself.

#2 Chris Jericho – 5 appearances, 0 wins

How has Y2J never won MitB?

It’s a sad state of affairs that the man who created the whole concept for Money in the Bank has never won the match despite making 5 appearances in his own creation. To add insult to injury, Jack Swagger also cashed in on Y2J back in 2010.

#1 Shelton Benjamin – 5 appearances, 0 wins

The man who deserves to win MitB more than anyone else

Who else was going to be Number 1 other than Shelton Benjamin? The Gold Standard has five supremely exciting appearances in the Money in the Bank Ladder match – where he was arguably the best performer in each of his matches – but never won the briefcase.

There was a case for him winning it upon his return to the WWE but injuries have ensured those plans haven’t come to fruition.

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