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Top 11 Dream Matches for a WWE All-Women's Pay-Per-View

Daniel Wood
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WWE has one of the strongest female rosters of wrestlers ever
WWE has one of the strongest female rosters of wrestlers ever

Recently news broke that WWE is planning to put on a pay-per-view later this year with only the female Superstars on their roster. On top of being the next logical step in the 'Women's Revolution,' it's also an incredibly exciting prospect.

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Putting on an all Women's Pay-Per-View also opens up a huge amount of possibilities for the WWE in terms of the matches they put on. We could see main roster women against women from NXT. We could see female legends from the past returning. We could see James Ellsworth. I'm kidding I hope we don't.

So, if we here at Sportskeeda were in charge of booking such a historic and monumental event which dream women-only matches would we want to see. Let's find out as we fantasy book the entire all-female pay-per-view from opening match to main event!

#1. Becky Lynch vs Lita - Ladder Match

Becky Lynch could open and steal the show!
Becky Lynch could open and steal the show!

Opening the show is a match that a lot of people online are already asking for following the news of the all-women show. The significantly underrated and underappreciated Becky Lynch vs the high-flying Lita.

Yes, I know Lynch should be a champion, yes I know Lita almost killed herself with the Litasault at the Royal Rumble but imagine the match these two would put on! It'd be the perfect opener to any pay-per-view, but especially an all-women's one.

Oh, and I've made it a Ladder Match just because. No, but seriously, if you're going to put on an all women's show it should be exactly like a normal pay-per-view with gimmick matches and these two could arguably put on the match of the night in a ladder match right off the bat!

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