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Ranking the 3 best matches from WWE Super Show-down

Divesh Merani
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Buddy Murphy winning the Cruiserweight Championship was a fantastic moment.
Buddy Murphy winning the Cruiserweight Championship was a fantastic moment.

In what seems like a new annual tradition, WWE brought to us a stadium show from outside the United States. Super Show-down from Melbourne, Australia certainly provided us with some great action and will go down in history as a widely successful show. It did have a couple of duds, from painfully short matches to laughably ridiculous finishers. However, the overall consensus was positive from the Melbourne Cricket Ground. With a show filled with fun matches and great moments, the Aussies were not disappointed.

Billed as nothing more than a glorified house show, Super Show-down certainly was more than that. There were enough good moments to make it more. This certainly made for a much more impressionable night than WWE's first grand visit to Saudi Arabia, Greatest Royal Rumble. The stars were out for this mega event, but what shone brightest in Australia?

Here are the three best matches, in terms of in-ring quality, from WWE Super Show-down.

#3 Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre vs The Shield

How good was that Spear?
How good was that Spear?

When Braun Strowman turned heel and aligned with Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre, it was extremely baffling and seemed like it wouldn't work at all. Fast forward over a month. While there are still some storyline cracks over fans cheering and booing, WWE has done a good enough job to make it seem as authentic as possible. Aligning him with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose is the best way to get Roman Reigns somewhat cheered

The six men in this match showed here why they literally are the entire main event scene on Monday night. It first seemed pretty formulaic, just like all house show tag team matches of such nature. The crowd was surprisingly quiet for the first half of this bout, probably because of fatigue from some other barnburners on the show. However, the men in the ring picked it up a hell of a lot more as we were approaching the conclusion.

The intrigue of Dean Ambrose and his heavily teased heel turn loomed over the outcome of the match, with the moment of truth coming when the heels surrounded Rollins and Reigns in the ring. Ambrose entered the ring to join his brothers and help them. He was repaid a short while later, as the Big Dog saved him from a Strowman running tackle by spearing the Monster through the barricade. It was an unbelievable spot, one that should be replayed in highlight reels over and over. The Shield stood tall in the end, staying strong for at least a little while longer.

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