Top 3 Performers of NXT UK (November 6, 2018)

NXT Kicked off with a squash and finished with a title fight
NXT Kicked off with a squash and finished with a title fight
Edan Nissen
Modified 08 Nov 2018
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NXT UK kicked off with a match between Bomber Dave Mastiff and Damien Weir. Weir received a jobber's entrance, with the episode starting with the smaller wrestler already in the ring. Unsurprisingly, the match didn't last long. Weir went for a crossbody and bounced off the bigger Mastiff. The giant wrestler would hit a senton, a deadlift stalled suplex before dragging his opponent into the corner and hitting him with the Bomber's unique Cannonball for the pinfall victory.

Following a series of short videos, the action returned to the ring for Ligero going up against James Drake. After a back and forth bout, with Ligero's style of Lucha Libre crossed with British strong style against Drake's aggressive style of wrestling. Ligero won with the springboard swinging DDT. The match was followed by a backstage segment with Toni Storm and NXT superstar Dakota Kai. They were set to meet up in next week's episode, with both of them looking to be the inaugural NXT UK Women's Champion.

Next, Ashton Smith was about to make his way down to the ring but was cut off by the Coffeys and Wolfgang. The new stable hit the ring, and have effectively reached Zack Gibson levels of heat. They derided the other teams in the division, included British Strong Style. Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews were backstage outside Johnny Saint's office to ask for a match against the Coffey brothers and Wolfgang, and they were joined by the man that the trio had recently attacked in Ashton Smith.

After weeks of video packages, promoting his arrival, and his relationship with Pete Dunne, Eddie Dennis made his televised debut for NXT UK against Sid Scala. Dennis dominated for most of the fight with his size and reach. However, when Scala started to use his pace against the bigger man, he seemed to be getting the other hand. However, Eddie Dennis and his size advantage won in the end, delivering a vicious buckle bomb and a Next Stop Driver.

Finally, the main event of the evening saw Danny Burch challenge the WWE UK title holder Pete Dunne. Unsurprisingly, after Burch started the stronger, the master manipulator started going to work on Burch's hand, fingers and wrist. While Burch came back with a series of stiff strikes. The work of both men had the crowd on their feet and applauding loudly. It seemed like Burch might have had the title won after hitting Dunne with a top rope draping DDT. Dunne turned Burch's Crossface submission into a Bitter End. Burch would kick out of Dunne's finisher at 2, but Dunne quickly went on the offensive again, locking in the triangle on Burch's left hand and forcing the veteran to tap out.

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Published 08 Nov 2018
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